Yummy apples

MMMM if it’s possible to get sick from too many apples then I’m going to be in a world of hurt soon…I am working my way through another bushel of apples straight off the tress and also bought cider. I’m drinking hot cider and have made apple crisp, apple pie (highly recommend for breakfast), apple cake, applesauce (unsweetened) and then tonight a gingerbread cake with a bottom of sliced apples (kinda like pineapple upside down cake but with apples and gingerbread). I may have also eaten a couple on my way out of the orchard with my second box of apples today :slight_smile: I will most likely make another pie and a Virginia Apple cake too.

Any other suggestions to use this second bushel of apples?

Apple Butter (great on hot buttered toast)!! Baked apples (easy and sooo tasty)!!! Apple Cobbler (yummy)!!! OMG now I`m so hungry! Enjoy your apples.

I bet you could put some in a spice cake. What kind of apples are they? I just bought the most gorgeous Gala apples at the store. Oh, how about candied apples and caramel apples.

Apple jelly!!!

Oh yes, we can’t forget the apple jelly!! I just love that stuff.

Love the pie for breakfast thing. (For the Amish, Shoe-fly pie is actually a breakfast thing.)
I’ve been having an apple pie a week since late August. I’ve slowed down on the quart of sauce a week.

You don’t list apple cookies or apple bread.

I have 14 quarts of sauce (not including what I’ve ate and have opened). I lost count of how many pie fillings I have frozen.
And I just picked 100lbs of apples off my last tree. Both crisper bins in the big fridge and the whole dorm fridge is packed full.

I’m working on making a cider press right now. My last apples are a winter storage apple so the aging will help while I build the press.
Then apple jelly will be a definite.

I don’t know what I’m going to do in about 5 years when the 4 new trees start full production.

[B]Mike:[/B] Deliver some to each knitter on the list here. I am sure no one would object to that!

100lbs. of apples? Holy Cow!
I have a craving for apple pie now, thanks! :teehee:

Mmmmmm baked apples! Me too now, huge craving, thanks Mike!!!

I’m craving apple butter right now. Nothing better on a piece of toast. And, a good baked apple. Life doesn’t get any better.

HMMM don’t have a recipe for apple cookies. I do make apple bread and spiced applesauce bread/muffins. I also do apple pancakes with either hot applesauce for a topping or NY maple syrup. OOHH and chopped apples in my oatmeal too now that it is getting so cold.

Don’t think I will attempt my own apple butter or jelly - they are both a little too sweet for me. Plus, around here all the nursing homes and churches make them as fund raisers.

WOW can’t imagine 100lbs. I’m having enough trouble using up my 50lbs. As for what to do when all the other trees kick into high gear - put out a sign and sell them and/or your pies.
Well - better go start my apple baked pork chops for dinner : )

I was using 3lbs per quart of sauce or pie. I’ve gone without apples for so long if I only had 50lbs they would all be put up for pie.

I bet I’m close to 200lbs figuring in my smaller trees, all the drops I sauced and the bushel my niece gave me.

I was just going to wing the cookie recipe. Make a sugar or oatmeal cookie with some sauce and apple chips.
Here’s one, apple cookie recipe
I think I originally saw an apple cookie recipe at a Upick’s site.

I like the pancake idea.

I’m hoping the cider press will use up the future apples. It should take the majority of a bushel to make a gallon (but the place I saw that claim at was a pound shy on their estimates for pie and sauce for what I was getting, but even 2 gallons per bushel will use them up).

I picked the new varieties so they all wouldn’t come at the same time, but I have a feeling I’ll be giving them away like they were zucchinis.

Do you live in Winchester? I’m from Winchester and you sound very much like a fellow local with a healthy apple obsession. :slight_smile:

ETA: My personal favorite are Caramel Apple Cookies. You make a regular chocolate chip cookie batter minus the chocolate chips. Add dried apple pieces and caramel chips and voila!

Your apples most likely aren’t that tart, but I just strained a batch of CrabApple Liquor…yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy!
It is so good!

Happy Appleing!

After reading about it recently, I tried fried apples. Slice apples and add to pan with a little butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. They cook very quickly and are delicious.

Mike your fruit looks gorgeous !!

This last bushel I bought is so yummy (I think the first batch was a little green) that I am eating them constantly and haven’t baked with a single one yet.

However, I would like to know more about freezing/jarring pie filling. When I bake apple pies I make my crust and then fill the shell with a mixture of sliced apples, cinnamon, sugar and flour - put the top crust on and toss it in the oven. If I ready your post correctly you are making pie filling and then saving it. Is there a method or recipe you prefer for doing that?

Oh, yes apple fried pies or as some call, apple turnovers. The picture is beautiful. Please post more of your trees. I would love to walk out my door and see those beautiful apples on a tree. I’ll bet you have plenty of bees, though.

I’ve got to make those, but I’d better wait until my crowns are glued in better.
I’ll have to set a few apples aside.

It’s whatever your pie calls for in apples and sugar, or find a pie recipe that calls for something that matches storage containers. (My modern cookbook is not freezer friendly in its recipes and I have to go back to an old '50’s one.)

I use a recipe that calls for 2qts apples and 1c+/- sugar. I cut up the apples put them in the containers and sprinkle the sugar over them, then freeze.
When I’m using the square plastic quart containers I split the sugar.
But I remembered that they weren’t good for long storage after I got my first 2 trees put up so I switched to using a seal-a-meal and bags. The cup of sugar looks like it gets better coverage not being split between quarts.

I add the spices when I thaw it. That way you can use them for different recipes as long as the sugar isn’t too much.
My apples seem to set OK without any flour (except my last McIntosh pie for some reason).
You may notice more syrup in the frozen compared to fresh but I think the fresh does the same thing while cooking.

I just counted and I have 14 apple pies worth saved.

I haven’t ever canned pie filling but I might start doing that with cherries because I can’t get them to set up unless I cook them with corn starch before filling the pie. That means hot filling in pastry dough which doesn’t go well together.

Bees aren’t bad. The trees only bloom for about a week in early spring.
Yellow jackets on the other hand tend to come around in fall looking for some food and will tunnel into any blemish they can find.
They weren’t bad this year. Squirrels and the evil fake ladybugs were my problems this year.

please post your gingerbread-upside-down-apple-thing recipe!!!

My disclaimer is that this is totally a “thingie” I made up b/c I wanted applesauce and dumplings one night and was too hungry to wait for the applesauce to boil and then the gingerbread to cook in it… so I put apples in a dish and topped it with dumplings instead.

So I grease an 8x8 baking dish and layer in 2-3 peeled and sliced apples and sprinkle them with a couple tablespoons of brown sugar and then top it with batter : 1 1/4 cup flour,
3/4 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp baking soda,
1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ginger, 1/4 tsp cloves, 1/2 cup molasses, 1/2 cup water, 1/4 shortening, 1/4 sugar, 1 egg
I typically cream the shortening with the sugar, then add the egg beat again. Then alternate dry ingredients with wet. Pour batter over apples and pop in the oven 350 deg for about 35min. It is best eaten warm with vanilla ice cream