The postman just left Lorna’s Laces for me. :heart: Now I know what you all mean when you say you can’t stop touching certain yarns.

I’ve always wanted Lorna’s Laces, but I’m afraid I’ll get addicted, and I’ve already got so many yarn addictions. :doh:

:happydance: Lorna’s is great!

:smiley: Oh, yeah, love Lorna’s Laces :heart:

Oh yes, and the colorways are so soothing.

I love Lorna’s. Scrumptious.

Ha! I just won an ebay auction for my first Lornas Laces yarn!
I can’t wait to get it. I did look at it in a yarn shop before bidding and wow wow wow. Congrats to us both!


I think I’ll forget the socks and knit a pillow case with it. I simply can’t stop touching the stuff.