Yrn and ktbl? HELP!

I have this pattern and I am SO confused now:

ROW 1: k1, yrn 5 times, k1…
ROW 2: p1, k5tbl, p1…

I thought “yrn” the same as yo, so I wrapped the needle 5 times. On the next row when I went to k5tbl (knit 5 through back loop?) I ended up with a big mess.

Any ideas? I’m so stuck and don’t know what to do…:woot:

I just tried it and I have to admit it is a nightmare. Yes, yrn should be a yarn over, 5 times. That is not so hard to do, but trying to purl those 5 together through the back loop was impossible for me. I just couldn’t get the needle to run through all those stitches. I know how to p2tog tbl, but this…??? Someone may have a trick that will circumvent this maneuver and accomplish the same thing. I sure hope so.

Whoops, I misread it to say p5tog tbl, and it was knit. I tried that too. Same problem. A different kind of needle might work better but mine sure didn’t work.

Hi Beadfriendly,

You’re right. Yrn does mean yarn over and ktbl does mean knit through back loop. I tried to do what your pattern said and I ended up with a neat little hole. Does a little hole fit into your pattern?

Hmmm… maybe I did that incorrectly? :???:

I didn’t knit all 5 of those yo stitches at once through the back loop, I knit each of the yo stitches individually through the back loop.

Do you have a link to the pattern you’re working on? I would assume it’s asking you to knit the 5 together through the back loop, but then, wouldn’t it say k5tog tbl? I think lactosefree is right and you want to knit each one through the back loop individually.

…but then, that’s like a 5 stitch increase for one row…is there a decrease somewhere, or is this a design feature…

You’re right it didn’t say “knit tog”. I guess I better go to bed. LOL When I knit them one at a time it did make a hole. At least I could do them one at a time. :slight_smile:

As Jenny said, what is going on here?