You've GOTTA see this!

The Painting Elephant.

I know a lot of you have seen videos of elephants smearing paint on a canvas with their trunk, but you haven’t seen one like this.

This is a real video, verified by It is amazing, breathtaking, and brought tears to my eyes.

ETA: If the video doesn’t load, click here.


Oh, Silver. Thank you for sharing that. That made my day. How beautiful and pure.

I saw that the other day, absolutely amazing!

Just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

That really is amazing. Who knew elephants could have such control for a small motor activity!:yay:

Oh no! It says no longer available. poop.:cry:

Weird… it’s still available on YouTube. Click on the link above the video. :slight_smile:

What an amazing video, thanks for sharing!

:passedout: that is amazing!!

Wow, that was amazing!

How wonderful and amazing. It’s awe-inspiring!

Awesome… thanks…

That’s amazing! Really got my tears out:aww:

I got it! How cool is that!


Amazing. I can’t believe the control it has.:thumbsup:

My DH and I agree: that video is one of the most amazing and beautiful things we’ve ever seen! :smiley:

That’s just incredible. It makes me wonder just how much animals understand/comprehend.

Absolutely Incredible…beautiful even…Thanks for sharing:)