You've created another mmmmmonster

I got my Malabrigo.

You were right. It’s completely, and utterly DIVINE.

I bought two hanks of lace weight and I can not stop touching it and rubbing it on my neck. Is this really WOOL? GAH it’s so soft!!! :noway:

I don’t know what to make though. But I don’t really care.

Colors are Mariposa on the left, Peach Tree on the right. I LOOOOVE that mariposa colorway.:heart:

So anyway, thank you for making me buy some. Oh, and my husband hates you all. :shrug:

Did you try rubbing it against your husband’s neck :eyebrow:?

Did you try rubbing it against your husband’s neck :eyebrow:?

I did, it doesn’t work:roflhard:

sigh i guess that means i am not going to get the offending malabrigo sent to my house huh? kicks dirt




sorry couldn’t help myself

My suggestion on this would be to knit something like a seksay top…theeeennnnnn rub it on dh, I think that application brings the best understanding:eyebrow:



[FONT=“Trebuchet MS”][SIZE=“2”]LOL. You guys are too funny. :slight_smile: My DH (and everyone who doesn’t knit) just can’t understand the yumminess of Malabrigo. [/SIZE][/FONT]

And when a Malabrigo-type War of the Worlds happens…those with the appreciation and a set of needles in hand will be the safe ones! :roflhard:

Silver so glad you are now one of the :psst: knowing crowd…
mmmmmmmmmmmmm softtt :happydance:

Ah, what a wonderful chuckle you all just gave me… seksay top rubbed somewhere on hubby…

make him a willie warmer!

Um, Ok. I can see your love affair with Malabrigo has made you all dirty girls, but I must say, I LOVE how you think. :roflhard: But I also must confess, I don’t really care if hubby doesn’t like my Malabrigo. He’s just a stupid boy anyway. :teehee:

Ew no!! [I]Waste[/I] my Malabrigo on [I]him[/I]? Are you crazy? :noway: LOL!

My Dh dared to request that I make a scarf for him out of MY mmmmm…I have 2 in the sapphire magenta colorway…


He saw it in my stash box last night, and asked if I was ever going to use it…

Stupid boy…like Silver said. :roflhard:

So I ordered him some wool from the 100percentwool thread that Jeanius started. He no get my malabrigo. :fingerwag:

omg this thread is killing me…you all are my kind of girls…lol…I wanna make something with my 2 hanks of mmm, but nothing seems good enough:shrug:

That’s ok! My husband hates you all too, so mathematically, I am pretty sure the hate cancels out (and then take the square root and carry the 2 and all that jazz).

Knitty Newbie… I have 8 hanks of MMM and I still don’t know what to do with them… I want to make some think special with them but What:wall::think::??

Maybe I just need to get naked with them and see what happen.:chair::roflhard::teehee:

hehe…ok, let me know if it’s worth it, and I’ll order more, since 2 hanks would not be enough for me…lol

No matter that no one knows what to do with their MMMMM. I just keep collecting them like a small, expensive, wool factory of my own. I’ve only made one thing so far from Malabrigo, and yep, IT’S MINE! No one gets anything made from malabrigo unless they pay for me to go on a trip to their factory. :knitting:

Is it a silly move to buy my first MMMalabrigo for a present to my sister:??? Now i’ll have to get some for me… DH always chuckles when i tell him what makes us girls go :eyebrow: He already told me to order mmmmm just to see what everyone are going about :cheering: