YOU'RE Doing That?

Last night I was sitting in a local tavern here in WI and working on the second sleeve of the sapphire blue raglan sweater.

One women at the bar asked about it and I held it up to show her. She asked several times, [B]You’re[/B] doing that?

I thought it was hilarious, as did several of the other people sitting there. I finally kind of looked around on either side of me and indicated that I didn’t see anyone else sitting here so I guess I must be doing it.

While it was a very funny moment I was also a bit flattered as she obviously thought it looked too good for a big tattooed trucker to have made. :rofl:

Another woman came over to check it out, claiming that she was also a knitter. I had my doubts about that as she looked at the stockinette material and called it “cable stitch”. No real knitter would confuse those two, but I was polite and just said “stockinette”. I didn’t want to embarrass her in front of the whole place and let it go.

I was out at a local bar with my dh and father-in-law last Thursday.
They started talking about gas rigs (their business), so I got out my knitting. A woman came up to me and said, “Aren’t you a little young for that, honey?” I thought she meant that I was too young to be drinking a beer. How flattering, I thought to myself… Then I realized that she thought that I was too young to be knitting. :roflhard:

:teehee: Well, you don’t fit the stereotype that is still pervasive as cdjack was made aware of, too. I think that is awesome! I want to tell these people “You need to get out more!” :roflhard:

“Aren’t you a little young for that, honey?”

Wow, think she could have been any more condescending?

Yep. People do seem to love their stereotypes, don’t they?

My DF (after I read the post) said “it is obvious that she found a big knitting trucking dude and thought ‘I have to hit on that’”

That is what you get from computer geek guy :cool:


:roflhard: Maybe the lady was just a new knitter trying to show off.

You need to knit some baby cloths and very seriously answer the questioners with, “I think I’m pregnant and I’m nesting.”


You need to knit some baby cloths and very seriously answer the questioners with, “I think I’m pregnant and I’m nesting.”

:chair: Yeah! that’d show 'em…

OMG :roflhard: You gotta do that and let us know what happens! We live for your stories. :teehee:


I dare you Masion!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yeah, I guess it sounds that way, but I didn’t take it that way.
The woman who said it was in her 70’s. I think she was honestly surprised to see someone in their 30’s knitting, especially knitting in public.

How funny. I was actually at a campsite in Black River Falls WI last night teaching my 13yo BIL how to knit, and I mentioned you when he hesitated because of the stereotype. He loved it, though, and asked to knit on the way home. Sad that he made us promise not to tell.


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I think you should definitely try it, Knitting_Guy! And then tell us [I]all [/I]about it :teehee:

The above quote made me think of the Monty Python skit about the sheep in trees, and the guy saying “It’s my considered opinion that they’re nesting”!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Mason, that’s too funny! I love everyone’s comments. You made my day! Before I got on this site, I, too might have been blown away by a kntting, tattooed trucker but not anymore.