Your top 10 uses for dpn's (aside from knitting, hehe)!

  1. For parting hair.
  2. For poking your spouse. (especially when they cancel your recording of Knitty Gritty)
  3. For those scratches you just can’t seem to reach.
  4. For a nifty hair accessory!
  5. Chopsticks?
  6. Sticks for drumming.
  7. An emergency tournequet.
  8. A stylus for your PDA.
  9. A baton while you pretend to conduct an orchestra (or while you actually conduct an orchestra which if you do, my hats off to you!)
  10. To push buttons when your hands are tied. (who knows why)

So I was fixing my daughter’s hair this morning, getting her ready for school, and was looking around for something pointy with which to part her hair and of course my knitting was right there. So I got to thinking…what other uses could you use those dpn’s for?? :??


1 meat skewer
2 wind spaghetti
3 a classroom pointer for very small people
4 for the olive in your martini
5 bookmark
6 stab the last pickle in the jar
7 popsicle stick
8 wind cotton on the end and use as a swab
9 very large toggle button
10 to hold tiny lifesavers

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Did anyone mention canine chew toys? Because that is what most of mine get used to. She actually prefers them now to real sticks. She LOOKS FOR THEM on the coffee table!

OMG, you all are SOO WRONG :rofl:

:teehee: :roflhard: :roflhard: :teehee:

don’t forget about pushing back those pesky cuticles…

or to clean out under your nails… :oops:

Hi Rissa and Nonny2t

I just [color=indigo]LOVED[/color] reading your comments - it’s nice to know that I’m not the only daft bat around here!
:roflhard: :chair:



That’s what I do with them!! :poke:

I caught my husband trying to pry open his key ring with one once. I nearly killed him with it afterwards!

uh… that is 2 uses right?! :rofl:

When I could wear a pony tail I always put my extra DPN in it… that way when I got ready to knit I would know where it was… :teehee: I was home for Christmas and mom had me working on her sock… she was working on a scarf and got stuck so I put my working DPN behind my ear… after helping her I went crazy looking for the DPN… we had the recliner extended, rugs moved, and everything…then something tickled me… and it was the dpn still behind my ear… :oops:

Oh, they’re great for ear wax removal. Incidentally, the wax helps smooth the wooden DPNs and makes them better for knitting! It’s a mutually beneficial cycle.

ps: just kidding!


:rofl: :roflhard: :ick:

  1. For those scratches you just can’t seem to reach.

I’ve actually done this. Many times. :roflhard: :roflhard:

Wow, you are a creative bunch :rofl:

Ok. This is totally gross (although I wonder what my son, who has terrible ear wax, would do if he saw me approaching him with dpns instead of qtips). :hmm:

They are also effective for stirring your coffee.

What, the same ones you just used to clean out your ears??? Eurgh! :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

  1. Getting food out of you teeth
  2. Getting the toe jam out from the sides of your toe nails :ick:
  3. Chucking spears
  4. Stick for roasting those tiny marshmellows
  5. Deadly weapon. (I stab myself in the butt with when I dont see it fall on the couch cushion.)
  6. Something Boy can steal and taunt me with
  7. Spear to retrieve that pesky ball of yarn that fell off your lap on the floor
  8. Magic tricks (because one of them always dissapears when you need it)
  9. Object of great wonder For Boys or DH’s
  10. Making socks maybe :shrug: