Your thoughts, please.... A Touch of Whimsy FO & pattern

:inlove: WOW!! I LOVE IT!!! :notworthy: :inlove: :notworthy: Will you share the pattern? PLEEEEEEASE!!! :pray:

Nadja xxx

I totally agree with Moonangel if I knew how I would :roflhard:

It is a very pretty scarf I would definately wear it (if some cleverer person than me knitted it!
:teehee: )

:hug: Sharon

It’s not a hard pattern, Sharon! I promise! I will certainly let ya’ll know when i have the pattern up! Thanks everyone :muah:

Thanks that will be great. By then maybe I will have practiced more and got my confidence back.

Looking forward to it.

:hug: Sharon

Oh Becka! It’s beautiful and I would definitely love to make it!

It’s beautiful, Becka!! You should cal it “Becka’s Lacy Leaves”!!


Seriously, it’s fantastic work. I love lace scarves (can you tell?). I would definitely knit that. Is it an easy-ish knit? I’ve not done lace before and that looks like a great project to learn it with.

I love the pattern and it is not to busy. I do think it might too much if knitted up in a varigated yarn. It does look a little intimidating for a beginner( like me) but overall a very lovely design.

It is absolutely beautiful! I am looking forward to the pattern! love it! putting it on my to do list for Christmas gifts. :slight_smile: :happydance:

I like it! love the color. You should really write it up. You know what though… it reminds me of the Irish Hiking Scarf but this one is more sophisticated!! mmmmmm. :muah: :muah: :muah: :muah: :muah:

Thanks to each and every one of you!! :muah: You make me feel so special :muah:

I think that I overstated when I said that this pattern is easy. I believe that it will prove to be easy for most veteran knitters, but isn’t a project for a beginner, I don’t think, because of the icord cast on and bind off. I don’t mean to put any off by any means. I just don’t want a beginning knitter to become discouraged because I previously said it was easy.
It is a fun knit, enough to keep one interested, I think, with a bit of lace and cabling, slip st. edging and icord cast on and bind off.

Again, thank you all for your encouragement :muah: ya’ll are just wonderful :muah: !

I will have the pattern on my blog in a few minutes.
Oh, almost forgot, I’ve called it “A Touch of Whimsy” scarf.
I used one hank of malabrigo and size 8 needles. The length is 5 ft, of course it can easily be lengthened by using more yarn! And it’s 5 inches wide.

Absolutely stunning!!! I can’t wait to read the pattern. :slight_smile: Quick question, though - how do you do an ICord bind off? :??

OOOOOOoooooo, that’s pretty!!!

Jennifer I would like to know about binding off with the i-cord too!! :shrug:

:hug: Sharon

Impatiently waiting… :nails:

J/K… am looking forward especially now that you said you knitting with one hand of mmmmmm. I have one hank that I have been trying to decide what to do with… this project IS IT!! :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Beautiful, Becka!!! I’ll definatley have to make this - could you write up a matching hat pattern please? :oops: I want a matching hat and scarf for my self and this pattern is too pretty to pass up!

The i-cord bind off is a really neat - I’ve done it on purses - you actually make an icord as you bind off!

I’m so excited that ya’ll want to knit this scarf :cheering: :cheering: I mean, I’m really excited and very, very honored :teehee:

As for the bind off and cast on, both are explained in the pattern and have links to tutorials. The pattern is now up on my blog and can be found here, or, if you lose this link it’s also on my sidebar.

I’m so excited, thanks so much for choosing this scarf, you guys, ya’ll are GREAT :muah: :muah:


:muah: Thank you so much for posting your beautiful pattern. I can’t wait to try it. I hope I can do it justice.

Nadja xxx

wowwww that looks gorgeous!! I absolutely love it!!!