Your suggestion are very much needed

Hi my KH family it’s been a about a monthsince I’ve last posted on here. I wish someone would have told me how difficult it was to move to another country and get settled, but never the less I am here and slightly settled.:woot:

Recently a friend of mind found out I was learning to knit and decided without my knowing to present me with the gift of yarn. I have always been told by my mum “never look a gift horse in the mouth” so I gracious accepted my gift, on opening the bags this was what was in it here goes.

1 ball 185m/100g of Aran 100%Acrylic

2 balls 280 m of double knitting 100% Acrylic blue

1 ball 280 m of double knitting 100% Acrylic tan

5 balls of 50g FAUX the label says knit as a double chunky yarn 100% polyester eyelash yarn Tan & Brown

4 balls 130m eyelash yarn 100% polyester black

So thats it my question to the very talented people of KH is what can I do with this lot???

scarf, socks, felt a bag if it’s wool yarn…

None of that would felt because it’s man made fibre however scarves and hats definitely…the eyelash yarn goes really well on hat brims or as trimmings. That was really nice of your friend. If they are an avid book reader how about also making a nice fine knit book mark for them as a surprise thank you?

Could make cute Pillows.
or small patchwork lapghan, perhaps with fluffy borders.