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Who first taught you how to knit? Have you passed on the tradition?

I learned from BostonBecca, who patiently deals with my frustrations and whimpering when something goes wrong. It helps to be dating someone so knowledgeable!

Some day, I hope to do my part to pass on the skill!

I taught myself from a book. The Wright’s [I]I Taught Myself Knitting[/I] book. Hardest thing ever to learn from, but I did it. I’ve never had a “real” knitting lesson, what I’ve learned, I’ve learned from books and websites.

I’ve been told this thread already exists, whoops! Newbie mistake!

I taught myself from a book I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Then whenever I had problems, I googled for help and found this site.

I am currently teaching my dd to knit, but I’m using it as a bribe. :teehee:

I’m not sure if she’ll keep up with it. Oh, and I taught a teacher at my school how to knit, and I’ve offered to teach some ladies at my new job. They’ve been ogling my booga bag and “hinting” that they would like one. I’ve offered to teach them to knit instead. :wink:

My Mom is teaching me, and I use KH. I am helping my little one, and my sister-in-law. I read a lot of books, watch all AMy’s videos, read other people’s questions and answers… and just keep trying.

After a few months of searching my old local area for a class that taught knitting I finally found one through the Adult Education classes. My teacher was a great teacher from Scotland who had been knitting for 40+ years! After the class ended, we all decided to keep it up at Starbucks once a week for more help and company. She moved to Texas with her daughter and from what I know the class is still meeting every week.

I am so blind I did not see the part where you asked if I am going to pass it on. I am going to try to teach my 3 girls (5, 4, 18 months) when they all get a bit older. I have already bought a set made for kids so someday maybe…

Taught myself. Badly.

I learned from a video, sadly, not Amy’s, though after I learned of the site, have used her videos as a supplement. I find it incredibly relaxing, and mind focusing.

My mom taught me and my 3 sisters and all of my summer friends and my 3 cousins (boys) how to knit. I spent my summers on a lake in the Adirondacks. My mom taught us all how to knit there – we would all sit in our beach chairs on the beach and knit mittens for winter (or scarves depending on our skill level). Then I stopped until I found out I was to be a grandmother so picked it up again. I have taught my daughter to knit (The mother of my grand daughter) but now that Abby is very mobile my daughter doesn’t knit – it’s too frustrating with Abby getting into everything.

That’s exactly what I did!

One of my grade school teachers taught me how to cast on, bind off, and do the garter stitch. My mother taught me how to purl. The rest I learned from books. I did teach my youngest sister how to do the basics but I’m pretty sure she forgot by now.

I learned from the videos here at I’ve learned pretty much everything from online, and though I’ve never taken a lesson (I’m going to take a couple soon) I recently joined a knitting group. I learned on here and love this site, however I’m finding that there are real merits to be knitting and learning in person!

years ago in girl scouts, a knitting section was offered. my grandma had already taught me to crochet, so i thought i’d try knitting. i wasn’t very good at first, but through the years, i’ve picked up the needles from time to time and i’m actually fairly good at it now. at least i enjoy myself and my girls can wear the sweaters i produce.

My best friend taught me how to cast on one night at her house. I was so anxious to go on to the next step I went online and found various knitting videos (mainly from here at KH). Every project I work on I learn something new. I have only been knitting for 5-6 months but I have made 2 scarves, 3 adult beanies, 1 ski mask, 1 pair of baby booties, 1 women’s halter top from Vogue Knitting, 3 baby hats, 3 bath mits, 3 discloths, 1 soap sac and 1 purse/tote bag. I am curently working on a baby cardigan and a baby blanket. Gosh, I LOVE knitting!!!

I taught myself, I always begged my mum to teach me but she never would. So hubby bought me a book, I left a year then started to work my way through the book.

I haven’t taught anyone, but I have inspired old knitters to pick up their needles again. I’ve lost count of the people I have recommend KH to. I think we should all be on commission:teehee:!

I am debating about asking my local children’s home if I can go and teach some of the children some arts and crafts. So that could count as passing it on.

I learned to knit mostly by watching Amy’s videos. I bought some learn-to-knit book and that helped, but it was Amy’s videos that really helped me.

I’m trying to teach my daughter. She wants to learn, but she doesn’t want to sit and work at it. She can do the knit stitch, but that’s about it.

My friend, Danielle, tried to teach me, but I just didn’t get it. A few months later, another friend taught me how. That’s been 2 1/2 years ago and the rest is history. Just recently I’ve moved on from knitting dishcloths.

I taught myself out of Stitch ‘n’ Bitch. A couple of girlfriends at work had started, so I wanted to learn. I bought and returned 2 pairs of needles (they were too small for what I wanted) before I settled on a pair of US 15. The first scarf I knit was garter stitch on recycled indian sari silk. It’s one of my favorites.

I taught my sister to knit and am helping one girlfriend through her first scarf. No one’s really run with it, yet… not when I keep making them stuff.

You know what they say: Give a man a fish, feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish, feed him forever. (or something like that).

the internetZ taught me how to cast on and do a knit stitch. i found some random page with instructions. the rest i’ve learned from amy’s videos and books.

:muah:to amy!

My mother taught me to knit when I was 12 – I was working on a girl scout badge. I made a few things off-and-on until my first child came along, then let it slide while I raised children. After I became a grandmother I picked it up again, and was delighted to discover that my hands still remembered the basics after 34 years! For me knitting has a meditative quality.