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Hi all,

I got two Nicky Epstein Books for Christmas, Knitting On the Edge and Knitting Over the Edge.

today I just got ‘Itty Bitty Hats - Susan B. Anderson’ and ‘One-Skein Wonders - Judith Durant’

I want to order ‘Sensational Knitted Socks’ but when I do I would add another book or two to the shipping…

Is there a book that you would reccomend having as a reference to knitting? Or something else that is a “must have”? In terms of what I want to knit/like to knit… A book with great baby/kid stuff in it or a book with Felted items or one with home decor type things would be cool too.

Thanks for your suggestions!


This is the resource I consult most often, by far.

I have the Vogue Ultimate Knitting book and love it. :heart:

Oh, if you get that one, you might want to look for a first edition used copy (I got mine from an amazon seller for about $5 shipped). It’s almost identical to the current one, and you’ll save a bunch of $ that you can spend on something else.

I have The Knitter’s Bible and use it frequently.

I have “The Knitting Encyclopedia” and “Knitting for Dummies” I kind of like the knitting for dummies, but the encyclopedia has more photos.

ditto~~ :cheering: :cheering: Very helpful and informative
and also IMHO Stitch N Bitch was very helpful as a very new novice knitter because it broke everything WAY down so I could understand!! :happydance:

Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques.

Thank you all!!!

i am going to place my order soon! first though… off to knit!

But for what? You didn’t tell us for what!!!


I like the Big Book of knitting and I recently bought a book called Cables Untangled and I LOVE IT (kind of expensive though)!!

I have The Knitter’s Bible and refer to it quite frequently, as well as Stitch 'n Bitch Knitter’s Handbook.

I am looking for a “stitchionary” - I know that vogue has 3 books on this and that Barbara Walker does too but I was looking for a comprehensive all in one. Can anyone recommend one?

Also the Barbara Walker books are stupidly expensive in the UK - I found one on Amazon for £54 - thats around $108!! I know there are some others available but can anyone recommend a good comprehensive dictionary of stitches?