Your going to think i'm crazy but

i have this crazy idea to knit my horse a blanket.

i have tried and failed to find a pattern to guide me, so i am going to have ago at making it up as i go along.

anyone got any ideas whats the best yarn top use please?

its got to be soft as she has eally sensative skin, washable by power washer on a gate (rugs get hoosed down twice a year) and light weight as it will need to go under other rugs at times.

my gut says acrylic as its also cheaper (cost is a factor as its going to use a lot of yarn, she’s a big girl).

any ideas please?

and yes io know its a huge project and im flipping nutty, and i know i will need a fair few of these durin :clink: hehe


Youre’ not nutty! We all knit blankets and cozies for our kitties and dogs, why not a horse?:roflhard:
If she has sensitive skin there are a lot of cheapo acrylics that are really very soft. I immideately thought of caron simply soft. we get it here in the us for about $2 a skein.
Have fun!

my mum thinks im barking lol. btu she’s my giant baby, well they all are but she’s the smallest to try this out on lol

i’m having a practise run on a blanket for my goat. i’ve just started it. this could take sometime i think lol. but i will get there.

i’ll google the yarn and see if i can get it shipped to france

thank you

Not crazy at all! Your horse needs a blankie!! Aside from Simply Soft, Caron has a One Pound Acrylic that will go a long way!

I saw something on line a few months back with pics of a a horse wearing a hand knitted blanket but I can’t remember where. May even have been on here. Maybe someone else will remember.

There’s a horse blanket in [I]Greetings from the Knit Cafe[/I].

My only concern with using acrylic is that your horse would get sweaty as the blanket wouldn’t breathe. Just something to consider!

That’s true, what about a cotton?

good point about the acrylic, i hadnt thought about that. madd’s dosent do sweaty shes a pony that likes her 4 blankets on in winter a hot water bottle and the cuppa tea by the side of her bed lol. she thinks shes a person i think lol.

but seriously i htink cotton would be better. this is why i love you guys, things i should think of but dont you guys do. thank you :thumbsup:

hehe true and madd’s definatly does, she a big softey. i’ve kicked her out of the house before. i wouldnt mind her being in there but dp aint so keen :roflhard: .

she thinks im crazy right now as i keep measuring her, she is just looking at me as if im an idiot. but then again she knows what im like hehe

i couldnt find the blanket on greetings at the knit cafe. i have just had a look about, but couldnt see it.

thank you for the acrylic being sweaty, hadnt thought of that. :thumbsup:

I think it’s a wonderful idea! Acrylic just isn’t comfortable, though. You need to find a great sale on something. Superwash wool would be awesome but expensive!

I got an email ad from Patternworks last night…they have Superwash Wool on sale.

im going to do some tests on stash yarn and see what happens. see how it washes etc. i am planning to line the blanket anyway for her otherwise it would be destroyed very quickly (wear and tear as she’d be wearing it 24/7 in the winter under other blankets).

the only other thing i could do is buy some now, use it then buy more. there would be colour variation but tbh when she’s laid in poo it wont look that hot anyway :roflhard:. a little more affordable that way prehaps
its just going to take a fair amount of yarn as she takes after me she’s as round as she is tall hehe.
i love the look of the super wash wool though, will keep that in mind for other projects i think, just smaller once though lol

A horse blanket sounds like a great idea. I’d tend to agree about the idea of using wool. Acrylic might stretch out and who knows what would happen with the washing…I can see it in wool and felted. Hope you find a sale on yarn.

What about an acrylic/cotton blend. It would give a bit more breatablility and be nice and durabe and easy to look after. What about some plant fibers? i know some of the bamboo blends can often be found cheaply or on sale and they often have a nice combination of properties being warm breathable and washable.

I would look into some good dense stitch patterns, ou dont want anything that will snag easily and if you intend to attache and fasteners on to it then you need to be able to do so securely. Maybe plain garter stitch with stockinette in areas you would need to sew?

I would also consider attaching some sort of boreder or edging all the way around that is extra tough, maybe seed stitch or similar, since they’re the edges which could potentially drag on the floor or get nibbled.

It would be a great way to use up stash!

I think wool felted would be great. I know dogs and cats around here cant resist felted pads to lay on. Wool is just good all around.

i was concerned with wool felting. at times i do wack rugs in the machine, that would be a def no no if it was wool.

i havent used plant flibers or bamboo before so hadnt thought about that. i like the idea of then blend, best of both world type of thing.

i was planning a border around the edge, it was to add to the weight to keep it laying nicley as well as to make it look good.

i was thinking linen stitch, but seed could work just as well. both look great.

i am umming and arghing with doing it in this pattern, but doing different colours in each section. not sure if thats just too much for to do tbh

i have been on a de stash mission recently so havent got anywhere near enough stash to do this. im not far off used up right now which is great to start over with. think i have about 400 grams of odd skeins floating about, mostly ear marked for an afgan for ds. i got a lot on the go right now lol. that and its a good excuse to buy more yarn :happydance:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=purple]I’ve made blankets for our horses before out of wool… I’ve even found patterns on the internet for them… Can’t remember where right now but will look…[/COLOR][/FONT]