Your go-to CO for 2x2 Rib?


Looking to try out a new CO for a sweater with a 2x2 rib. I tried a tubular CO where I rearranged the stitches for 2x2 - looked great but not enough stretch to get over a head!

What’s your go-to for a neat, stretchy CO?


Welcome to KH!
I like the German Twisted Cast On when I need more stretch. It’s a long tail cast on.


You can try a twisted cast in in pattern too.


3 knitters, 3 different cast-ons! :slight_smile: I use the butterfly method.


I never heard of the butterfly cast on before. I always knew it as long tail cast on, sling shot method.


Another thing to do is try different COs (cast ons), find the one you like best, then do it on a larger needle than you will be using. When you start your first stitch, change to normal size needles and it should be looser.