Your First "Moment"

As you can tell, I like getting to know all ya’ll! So, here’s another getting-to-know-you-better questions:

When was your first “I must really be hooked on knitting because…” moment?

For me, it’s when I realized that I’m sitting inside on a gorgeous day with the AC cranked up because I’m knitting a wool blanket (which is very hot on the lap) while studying for the test which must not be named.

Hi! You come up with some great questions!!

For me, it was when I finished a project and wanted to go on to another one. My usual modus operandi is to learn the basics of a new skill, then move on to something new. Crochet, Tatting, Violin…oh, the list really goes on. With knitting, before I’m done with one project, I’m planning new ones. I don’t know why it has been different for me than other things have, but there you have it. That was my “moment” :thumbsup:

For me it was when I lay there at night before sleeping thinking about knitting…a pattern, how to do something, or what I was working on. Then dreaming about it. :teehee:

Also…when I started thinking of myself as a “Knitter” rather than as someone learning to knit.

For me it’s the only hobby that has really satisfied my short attention span. I’m notorious for throwing myself fully into a hobby or interest only to give it up 4 months later. (Much to the chagrin of my very patient husband) Even though I’ve had some seasonal breaks from knitting I keep coming back to it. The great thing about knitting is just how varied it is. If you get tired of stockinette you can do lace, or cables, or fair isle, or felting, or intarsia, etc, etc. There’s really no reason to get bored with knitting!

When I realized I had 10, 45 QT drawers full of yarn, needles in my car, about 15 projects going, and my co-workers quit asking how my weekend was, and substituted “What did you knit this weekend?” :poke:It took that long for me to realize…uh…I’m addicted and a total knitter.

Sitting at work trying to concentrate, and all I can think about is getting home ASAP and picking up my knitting again! I have many moments like that… LOL

I realized it after the first 90 min of my first knitting lesson. :inlove: When I was leaving I purchased more yard and different needles. I am there at least once a week planning something in my head.:oo:

The moments were many that led me to believe I was hooked. I think it was when I spent every spare minute dedicated something related to knitting. First it was reading books, then thinking about knitting, then finding out websites (KH!), printing out patterns for items I want to make someday, looking/buying yarn and finally knitting. I knew I was hooked when one day I was really depressed at work and just wanted to go home and knit (as opposed to veg.) all day.

I’ve done that! I had to get out of bed to go figure out how I was going to make my idea work. (I was a mess at work the next day).

Since I’m a new knitter, I’ll answer when I knew I liked knitting. I don’t think I’m ready to call myself a knitter yet. I taught myself to knit because I was looking for something to keep my hands busy in the car on the many road trips my honey and I take. I really didn’t expect to do it anytime other than road trips. When I found myself stalking the mailman for the first time (I’m not normally a stalker) because he had my KnitPicks order, I knew I was hooked.

[COLOR=blue]lol I am in stalking mode now… the mailman always knows–maybe by the look of disappointment on my face :pout: when he only hands me envelopes and :woot:the jumping over the counter when he comes in with a box lol. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]I knew - the first time I felt that utter contentment sitting down and picking up my needles in the evening… sigh… yup love that feeling.[/COLOR]


For me it was a tie between 2 moments~ When I suddenly realized that I was checking the onine ads constantly to see what type of yarns HL, Michaels, or Joanns were on sale… and when I go to work and I walk away from my computer and it is covered in yarn (window shopping online) or knitting pattern central patterns and someones says’…" OH… that’s ainee’s computer~!" Looking again~ You are OBSESSED aren’t you~" :passedout:

I was trying to find a hobby to keep my anxiety disorder in check. Something to keep hands and mind occupied, but not obnoxiously so. I tried puzzles (still like those), sewing (still do that too), computer games (still like that too). I found a ball of yarn, the s&b book and some needles that my step-dad had given me for a present that I never really got into, and gave it another go. HOOKED like wool on sheep ever since!:happydance:

I was reading a knitting blog. The writer was listing some not so acceptable places she had KIP or had the urge to KIP. When I got to “a funeral”, my first thought, for just a split second, was, “What’s so wrong with THAT!?!?” My next thought was, “Note to self: NO projects allowed in the car when attending funerals. Just to be safe.”

looks for all of the unfinished abandoned crochet projects underneath the 4 knitting projects she has going

I knew as soon as I learned how to knit, i’d get caught up in it and not turn back for a long time. Here I am, two weeks into it, and learning to knit in the round, while working on 3 other projects. Ugh!

I have to finish at least one of my crochet projects, its a gift, but other than that, i’m pretty sure i’m hooked on knitting…

For me, it was the night I stayed up until 4 in the morning planning/knitting a design I had worked up.

Hmmmm…several small moments that just added up…

when I caught myself buying yarn just becuase, well, I LIKED it…

when I am planning/purchasing the yarn for my new project when I already have several on the needles…(my biggest dilemma each night is WHICH project to pick up - I really have to finish some of these up :roflhard: )

That plus the fact that the first and last things I do every time I am on the computer is visit KH!!

Oh yeah, and that I switched to a bigger purse so I could always carry some yarn and needles with me…

Ummm…and that my daydreams are now of sitting in beautiful, exotic locations with a drink on the table and my knitting in my hands:clink:

OK, it is stuf like this that makes me love this board…I realized I was not alone in two things…

  1. I, too, have wanted to leave work to go home and knit.
  2. I kinda use knitting to calm my anxiety disorder.

And here I thought I was the only one!

I guess my moment was when I realized I couldn’t go on a trip without a knitting project. I was visiting my mom in another state and I just didnt have room in my bags for a knitting project. I ended up forcing my mom to take me to JoAnn’s so I could get some yarn and needles…I needed my FIX.

Now, I NEVER leave home with out a project…I am going out of town this weekend…maybe 24 hours total…yeah, I’ll have my knitting…

I think I knew I was a craft addict when I start dreaming about it. Then I realized there was a project on the night stand that I work on in bed before lights out. A project on the breakfast bar, that I work on while having breakfast and a project in every room of our house. I have a small project I take to hospital appointments or any where I’ll be waiting long.

So apart from eating, sleeping, bathroom time, I’m a crafting, and knit more than any of my other craft.

Also, Hubby kept asking ‘What have you made today’, it kind of gave it away that I did a bit too much craft!

I am very lucky that I get to do something I love everyday, it helps me a great deal.

For me, the moment came when I drove an hour and a half (each way) [I]just[/I] to visit a “real” yarn store with ds in tow. Anyone willing to drag a 12yo boy through that cannot walk away without the realization that true love has been discovered.

Reminds me of the NASCAR commercials…“How bad have [I]you[/I] got it?”

I realised I was hooked when I started dreaming about knitting :oops: Plus I’m starting to take it out with me now just in case I get a chance to sit and do it.