Your favourite needles?

Currently mine are the cheapo bamboo dpns I bought on ebay.


Knitpicks Options nickel plated sizes 5-8.

Neither yet :frowning: I’m still trying to find knitting needles suitable for me. Oh and I HATE dpns! They triggered my problem in the first place!

I hated dpns when I was a novice, too. Now I love them!

Also, I bought a bunch of 13" straight bamboo needles from the same eBayer for $15. Sizes 0-15!

I only use DPNs when I’m making something very small diameter. Like a zebra head. :teehee:

The ones I’m using at the time …

I love my cheapo bamboo circs that I got from Ebay, Noob, they are awesome! I was thinking of buying the dpns, too, but wasn’t sure, now I will buy them!

I’ve looked at those several times…are the cords or joins poopy or ok?

Turns out I actually hate magic loop…I knit hats and socks and other round things on dpns (I need to try knitting sweaters - it’s my Final Frontier! "

the cords are made of plastic tubing, and they have very smooth joins between the tubing and the needle, and if you need longer cords, do what I do, I went to the auto parts store, and for less than $15 I bought enough of each size to make my cords longer. The only problem I ever had was the cord slipping off the needles, but I fixed that quick with a drop of hot glue on the end of the needle, then when I want to change cords to the longer ones, I just use the hair dryer to heat the end, pull off the cord, put the new one on while it is still warm, and walla!

I have visions of the tubing spiraling out of countrol. Right now I’m fighting the cable on Addi Turbo needles because it’s them or DPNs for U.S. size 0 until I order more needles. The cable has a mind of it’s own and we most definitely disagree. DPNs are looking better and better, the Addi Turbo needles suck! I really wish I could have returned them; Ben Franklin probably isn’t selling me anything else.

nope, they stay straight, not like stiff but straight, they are not coiled up when you get them they are just like if you hung them over a hook, if you get what I mean?

I don’t have favorite needles. Each yarn I use requires different types of needles. I use metal needles with man-made yarns, Denise needles with natural fibers, wooden needles with certain slippery yarns.

and I completely agree with the sucking of the addi turbos, I will be so glad to see the end of mine!

Knitter’s Pride and Knit Picks Harmony/Sunstruck.

I am kind of new to knitting so I really don’t have a favorite just yet. I did buy the Denise Interchangeable which I kinda like. Just a few minutes ago I made an impulse purchase and bought the Dreamz interchangeable. I also have the cheap bamboo circulars I got on ebay I don’t like them all that much. As for Straights, I love using Bamboo.

If I was told I have to leave my home, evacuate forever, never come back (Lot’s wife!) and can only take one set of needles with me…sigh…it would have to be KnitPicks nickel plated interchangeables.

Agreed! I like my Hiya Hiya needles quite a lot, but only have two circs in size 0. About 2 sets of KP nickel plated will have to be it! Although I might sneak inthe few KP birch as well! :thumbsup:

If anybody ever told me to do that, I would grab my size 17 wooden straights, and fight! Then, I would kick THEM outta the house! :grrr: :twisted:

I like your attitude! I live near Mt. Rainier and if it blew, I’d evacuate when they told me to. This may be the best reason to keep knitting needles in the knitting bag! Grab and go.