Your favourite hat pattern

I love making all different hats. What is your favourite to knit?

Oh boy… I’m not sure. I like learning new things and just simple things made colorful. I enjoy mosaic and fair isle, adding texture to a solid color with twisted stitches, cables or just purl and knits. Not much help sorry. lol

I found the most awesome hat pattern generator at

Once you’ve knitted your gauge swatch, you enter the data (stitches and rows per inch and needle size as well as what size head it’s for and how snug you want it) in the appropriate fields and it spits out a printable pattern. Based on the info given, it calculates the number of stitches to cast on, when to increase how many stitches, when to start decreasing, etc. It includes a section for a lining and an optional section for ear flaps. It does not have to be a solid color or stockinette; you can apply intarsia, fair isle, cables, laces and other stitches (just make sure that you’ve used the same stitching in the gauge swatch that you intend to use on the hat. It is written for DPNs, but worked well on the magic loop. I love this pattern because it’s so basic and so versatile at the same time. I could use it 1000 times and never knit the same hat twice!

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Thanks Jan! Makes sense. I have also never knit twisted stitches or mosaic. You tube here I come!

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Wow!! This sounds perfect! I seem to always use different needles to guess
With the different yarn. I don’t make gauge swatches usually either. This will
force me to make one. Thank you!

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Just don’t forget that different stitch patterns (like cables or lace) have different gauges. Be sure to use the same pattern in the swatch.

Will do. Thank you!