Your favourite double knitting project

I would love to knit another dk project.
Looking for inspiration. I have browsed ravelry.

Anything in the small/medium project range except

Thanks all!

But socks are my favorite :wink:

Really hats are my favorite DK thing to do and wear.

This is what I’m presently working on although it is out of print for the moment. From the yarn I’m using I would drop way down, possibly to fingering and size it up with needles to loosen the stitch. 4 layers twisted every 3 rounds is painfully tight.

I’m charting one out to be colorwork for a Remicade monoclonal antibody, I may decide to do some texture cables to it too. I’ve got one going that is knit both sides, pinched/punched squares. And I’ll be starting another cabled hat from Alasdair’s other book when this cabled hat is done, it’s not a solid twist so shouldn’t be as painful.

Have made some of these for G’daughters. Its a quick knit and great for using up odds and ends, an excellent free pattern and makes a pretty headband/earwarmer.

Mike, I love the idea of using antibodies for a design. Should be very interesting graphic. I’m curious to see if the medical folks pick up on the design. Do you know the online store, Svaha? It sells science themed items, t-shirts, pjs and such with some clever designs too.
Quite an ambitious hat (though not for your skills). I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Notknittingknots, wonderful, warm headband which even I could go for. Thank you for the link.

It is lovely! Thank you

Maybe if I can find a reversible hat to double knit, simply with one colour on the outside and another on the inside. Would be a fun challenge. Thanks!!

The infusion nurses and NAs surely won’t get it. An NA had a Mickey Mouse shirt on, I asked if that was for the mouse juice. I don’t think she believed me. Online research Dr’s got it when I posted a similar design saying it needed a few tweaks. I’m not sure if my Dr would get it or not. I’ve never heard of Svaha, I know someone who would probably like that.

<— Something like my avatar? You could just knit that if you have a hat gauge. Decreases as you come to them are k2tog/ ssp\ ssk\ p2tog/ . This works good for me figuring out decreases,

When not changing colors I’ve had the inside come out quite a bit larger so try to keep tension up on the inside stitches.

If you want ribbing (it won’t help much for stretching in double, nestled is the better option for that though and if you’re doing all one color per side that will help too) these two pages should cover everything.

Thank you Mike! Yes exactly like your avatar. :slight_smile:

I was a fairly new knitter when I did that (moth eaten to death now). It should be easy to figure out without a pattern. Just a matter of figuring out how many stitches per inch you get. That hat is about 95 stitches but I have a 24" head.

I think i will just keep it simple.
Double knit on the circulars till the
Decreasing like normal.

Will keep you updated. Thanks again!