Your favourite 1 ball/skein project?

I have a ball/skein of Wendy Fusion that I bought for the love of the colours (green, purple and blues) and want to make something for myself. I do not want or need a scarf, but maybe a hat?

Any other ideas or pattern recommendations?


Fingerless Mitts? (I’m working on a pair right now :wink: )

Are you on Ravelry? It’s really easy to search for a pattern that uses that weight and number of yards you have. In this case it’s bulky and 96 yds if anyone needs to know to help.

Here’s a few things that might work. If I only give the Rav link you have to be a member to download it.


Fingerless mitts

Another vote for fingerless mitts!

My fav are Myrria’s Ilaisa’s wristies, which are quite plain. (Those are them in the pic.) The instructions come in many weights of yarn, and you can put a pattern on them if you like to make them individual and special (which is what I did in the pic: horseshoe lace up the back).

It doesn’t list bulky yarn, Zina. :wink: Good pattern though!

You know, I worked with some Wendy Fusion when I first started knitting (about the third month, I did a lace Fusion scarf), and it didn’t seem all that bulky to me…

Oh good, if that works for her as well then the worsted weight directions may work fine or need minor tweeks. :thumbsup:

Thank you all - I love the mittens. No, I would say worsted weight too, rather than bulky. I am off to check out those hat patterns too