Your favorite yarn

What is your ultimate favorite yarn to knit with. Is it a certain name brand? A certain kind of fabric (wool, acrylic, cotton, etc)? A certain color? …you get the picture…(I hope) :lol:

Now, with that in mind - what is your favorite yarn shop?

:thinking: I like wool, but I’d really like to knit with qiviut someday. :heart: :heart:

what is quivit?

So far, the lovliest yarn Ive knit with is Jaeger extra fine DK merino…SO soft and SO drapey…I made teh Aibhlinn cowl with it for my mom. There’s a pic of it somewhere around here…

I have to choose just one? :shock:
Merino, Angora, or Cashmere. Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo…

I looooove Alpaca. Always have. Since I was a kid I always wanted my mom to knit me an alpaca sweater…now that I’m all grown up and I learned to knit, I guess I’ll have to knit it myself. :smiley:

More specifically, I am in LOVE with Catalina Baby Pima…60% baby alpaca, 40% pima cotton. YUM.

I love me some Merino, oooh or Cashmerino, oooh or alpaca (but not the alpca silk that I’m fighting with on a scarf), oooh or angora :inlove:

It’s very expensive yarn made from fur plucked from a Musk Ox. :wink:

It’s very expensive yarn made from fur plucked from a Musk Ox. ;)[/quote]

Plucked?! :shock: That must be one made ox! And one mighty expensive yarn.

Manos, Debbie bliss cashmarino, Lambs Pride painted thingy, Jo sharp DK, Heliotrope, Yukon multi, and there’s lots of yummy mohairs out there. Not a big fan of Noro or many cottons. maybe a Debblie Bliss cotton. I miss Berocco Pleasure. And of course the sock yarns from Knit picks.

Ya know I should clarify that I love these yarns but I cannot afford them. I just like to go into yarn stores and drool. :drooling: Every once in a while there’s a sale or some kind of cheaper look alike yarn but one can always dream…

:heart: :heart: :heart: merino. BUT, my :inlove: sweet, :heart: sweet :inlove: husband bought all of the skeins of this SWTC 100%soy silk yarn called “phoenix” when we were in Charleston last week…and I KNOW that I am going to :heart: :inlove: :heart: this yarn way too much, it’s just yuuummmy. I plan on making him a scarf and perhaps hat to match…then after my sweater tutorials with Kelley and I’m ready to make a very yummy sweater…I will have to save for a while to get the yarn for a sweater for him to complement the scarf!!
I’m telling ya’ll this yarn feels wonderful; can’t describe it, it’s just so YUMMY :drooling: . All that said to say…I bet that will be my fave after I’ve knitted with it :wink:

The nicest that I’ve knit with so far has been Alpaca. I also liked the feel of merino, but it was a pain to knit with - mine kept “unwinding” (where the strands seperated). I have some cashmere, but haven’t knit with it and don’t know how I will like it.

i REALLY like merino style from knitpicks–it’s soft, gorgeous colors, and it felts SO NICE–thick, flexible and not fuzzy! I’ve also knit a lot with catalina baby alpaca (the blend, not the 100%), and I love that too. Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride is another favorite–gorgeous colors, affordable, felts great-- and I am in the process of falling for cascade 220 superwash. Wool of the Andes fromknitpicks is nice–thank god they got more colors!-- I like how it knits up, but it’s really fuzzy after felting.

i am in love with SWTC Optimum DK which FLying Fingers recently had on sale, love Cashmerino, lambs pride and cherry tree hill 100% laceweight merino