Your Favorite Time Wasters on the Computer

I’m at work with nothing to do. I can look busy while on the computer. What are your favorite sites for killing time?

I’m so bored!!! :sleepy:

You mean other than KH, the Yarn Harlot’s blog and Grumperina’s blog? :teehee:

Are you a tv fan? If so, TelevisionWithoutPity can be a good time waster–read recaps of your favorite shows. Their forums are a wee bit nutty though.

I sometimes google Miss Manners and get sucked into reading all kinds of strange advice columns.

Some of the free games links on sites like, etc. Youtube…

Can you tell I have a lot of free time at work? :roflhard:

I’m an expert on this since I’m always bored at work. Here’s a few sites I like: just cute pictures of animals -funny notes people leave their roommates, coworkers, etc. - comments on celebs outfits, very funny - people send in things they hear people saying on the streets of NY

Kaydee - that’s funny! I have all of those bookmarked :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some of my favs… Movie database… I like to see where some of my favorite movies have been filmed. Just plain funny… I heard about it from the blog threads on this forum…

Don’t you just love IMDB? I have settled several arguments with that site!

[CENTER][B][SIZE=3]This is a BAD BAD Thread![/SIZE][/B][/CENTER]

Da links makes me giggle and snork too much…

… and I’m a workin’… :oops:


:rofl: Your post did the same thing to me!

Ooh for species-specific cuteness you gotta hit up

Daily Puppy also links to their daily “Grown Up Puppy” :mrgreen:

I have those too - too cute!!

Sharly if you already have all the good time-waster sites, how are we supposed to help you??? :roflhard::rofl:

I totally feel your pain. About 3 months into this job (which I do enjoy) I was convinced that I’d surf the entire internet before I’m finished. I still think that…one day I’ll be surfing and just reach the end, kaput, fall off the internet. :doh:

If only we could all :guyknitting: at work without shame or you being accused of, you know, wasting time. :teehee:

Surely there are some sites out there that I don’t know about!! It’s sad isn’t it? My husband and I have that conversation about the end of the internet occassionally. We carpool to work together and during the typical “how was your day” conversation, I will sometimes tell him I got to the end! :slight_smile:

I guess I should feel bad for goofing off all day, but I feel like I’m here ready to work - it’s not my fault they aren’t providing me with something to do! The stupid thing about it is having to “look busy”! You are so right - it would be a dream job if I could just knit the day away!!

I think about changing jobs sometimes, but my boss is incredible - I don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire!! Been there before :wink:

Youtube (Search for Kiwi)

Many webcomics, including: (those are the ones that still update and I still read…there are many, many, many more)

It’s the End of the World flash
The Demented Cartoon Movie flash (45+ minutes. Be warned…it IS demented)

boingboing usually has good stuff.

Oh, and The Show with zeFrank!

I’ll have a look, Stiney!

Unfortunately, I can’t view you tube - they have it blocked for some reason. :shrug:

Some things I can’t see because my flash player is outdated :eyes:

And, most game sites are blocked!! :wall:

The two I mentioned specifically are old…at least 5 or 6 years old, so you shouldn’t have a problem viewing them.

I’m blocked from youtube too:cry:

But the Post Secret blog is great too:

I was blocked from youtube at my old office, but not my new one. I try to not take advantage of it, or I’d get no work done, ever.

I also have access to Facebook and MySpace here, which were both blocked at my old office, too.

That one is blocked for me, too :cry:

It used to be blocked for me but its not anymore, same with facebook.:shrug:

I don’t get what the reasoning is for blocking some sites…if they really don’t want me to spend a lot of time on line, they should block KH! :rofl:

Ooh…but I sure hope they don’t!!!:pray: