Your favorite Mosaic knitted hat pattern?

I have just recently discovered (about two months ago) mosaic knitting, I’d like to try out this method of knitting with a hat for winter, preferrably a beanie. Have you made one you’d like to recommend? I can only knit from a free pattern at the moment.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve not yet done one, have u looked @ yet?! Chances are, if it’s online & free…it’s there :wink:

ya… I looked, although not thoroughly at the hat section, (I figured the link would get posted lol), I did search for “mosaic” but to no avail - at least for hats anyway. I’m really hoping someone here has made a hat the mosaic way, but if not, there’s a pattern in one of my mags somewhere that I can try out :slight_smile: I just wanted to know if anyone had a preference. Thanks though :slight_smile: I can dig some more over there.

Girl, u need to just play around and design one :wink:

Design?! :shock: :oo:

I know I can design water bottles, swimsuits, loungewear, bags… (I’ve sketched a few out) But I never end up knitting them…And I’ve never even knit a hat before in the year I’ve been knitting :blush:

I might get risky one of these days…

Trust the “knitter within”… :wink: If nothing else u can knit 2 rectangles & seam them together and put pom poms or fringe on each end…there u have a mosaic hat. Of course…measure your head 1st :wink:

ah, yes…This is true.