Your favorite circular cast on?

I am getting ready to cast on for the Shipwreck Shawl! I have tried Emily Ocker’s cast on with semi success (you only cast on 9 stitches.) After I get it cast on, knitting the first round and then knitting the second (k1, yo repeat)is where the trouble kicks in.

So I guess I have two questions…

1 Does anyone recommend a better/easier cast on for this?

  1. Any tips for keeping such a small # of stitches neat on the needles until it grows?


I use a cable or long tail CO even for in the round. You can start with the sts on 2 dpns and use a 3rd to join and knit with for the first several rounds until you get more sts on, then add a dpn or two and rearrange the sts. Or you can use a circ or two… cast on the sts to one circ, pull the cord out between sts halfway around and push the sts toward the ends. Either use another circ (or dpn) to join and knit off the first set of sts, or magic loop them. I just work the needles however I feel, either ML or with the 2 circs, until the circle’s a bit more manageable, then use the single loop version of ML with just one needle.

Thanks Suzeeq. I may try that with my scrap yarn to see how it feels.

Medallion patterns worked from the center out are always mess to start. Anytime you work 8 stitches into one cast on, there is always a hole. You snug it up latter. But at first, it is really loose. I don’t know a great solution.

Judy Becker’s Magic Cast On can be used for this. I’ve knit a hat and dishcloth from the center out using it.

I can’t get the hang of JMCO, but Turkish Cast on would work too.

Thanks to you all, I had not seen the Judy Becker cast on. It looks odd, but neat. Off to try some more!

My antivirus software wigged out at the Shipwreck shawl website, popped up a warning saying there’s malware/a trojan etc there.

That is really odd. I have accessed it several times and mine has never had a problem. Hope nothing happened to your computer. You can see the finished project on Ravelry.

Ironically, I use Avast…perhaps the word “shipwreck” made it scared? :roflhard:

Running over to ravelry to check it out!