Your Favorite Baby Blanket Pattern

My son’s best friend and wife are expecting their first baby in 6 weeks.
I want to knit them a blanket, but there are soooo many out there to chose from, so I thought I’d ask you guys what your favorite pattern is.
I’d like to knit something special, but not too intricate as I only have 6 weeks!
The baby is a girl (or so the ultrasound says!)

Jen… this has already been discussed in another thread. Here is the link to it. I hope this helps!

You can also go to the Whatcha Knittin section and look there. I just started this one for my daughter. However… it may take a little more time than you have.

I’m close to starting a baby blanket myself.

I’m between a feather/fan one or maybe Bliss, which is an entralac pattern. It was originally in Mag Knits, but now can be found at Ralvery.

Hi Kelly,
Thank you for the suggestions! Did you ever do the Moss St. Diamond pattern blanket that was talked about on the other thread? If you did it…what yarn did you use??

Hi Marilyn,
I had thought about the feather and fan…I’ve never made one and the pattern seems easy and fast.

the above pattern requires registration

No, I did not. Soon after, I found the other pattern that linked from Ravelry. I liked it a lot better. But for the blanket that I am doing now, I am using Caron SS in Watermelon and White.

Hi Jen -
My friend had a baby girl last May, and I made this one for her:

I liked making it because it looked way more complicated than it actually was, and the pattern is so unique. I made it using a soft washable (of course!) worsted weight yarn, in light pink with chocolate brown trim (just seed stitched it for about an inch) to match the baby’s room. (It ended up being 36" across, but you can adjust to whatever you have time for.)

Good luck in whatever pattern you decide on. :slight_smile: