Your fav yarn for socks

OK i am a wool snob when I make socks. A friend asked me what my favorite type of yarn other than the hand dyed yarn I use do I like when I’m making socks…well I only make socks with the hand dyed DK merino wool from my LYS.

So ladies, what is your favorite yarn to make socks with? Please give me suggestions.

There have been a bunch of similar posts lately, here, here, and here.

Hope that helps.

Great links, but I think my friend is looking for acrylic yarn, or yarn that you can buy at Walmart type stores. KWIM?

A great sock yarn that I’ve had good success with and costs very little $$ is Bernat Sox. It is mostly acrylic, with nylon. It is being discontinued though so I don’t know if you can get it very many places anymore.