Your crazy cat photos!

I thought this would be fun since cats are so darned amusing!

This is my daughter’s cat Martini. She’s almost 2 yrs old. I thought this was so cute because that pumpkin was bigger than she was!

Here’s my crazy Marshmallow…she’s now 16.5 yrs. She loves her catnip! :teehee:

Here’s a pic of my newest cat LiM (stands for Little Monster) in my washing machine. I opened the washer, bent over to pick up some clothes to throw in, stood back up and found him in the washer! Silly kitty :rofl: He jumps in the dishwasher whenever I open it up to load it too.

lol what would we do w/out our cats. lol Mine likes to get in the dryer… I’ve almost started it several times w/ her in it… Ya gotta love them!

Here are my girls!

My Tara when she was a little baby, the day after I got her which was two weeks before Christmas; and my Tara with her blankie on because she got cold. When she gets cold now she goes UNDER the blankie!

Here’s my pretty kitty! Her name’s Maddie.

Here are my kitties…Spongy, Slinky, and Willie from top to bottom, and Lulu is on the table.

LOL! Love all the kitties! And sooo glad to know how many of you have as many as me… :teehee:

She’s beautiful, is she a Birman? She looks a ton like the Birman, Xiggy, we used to have.

You all have adorable cats!

Here’s just a few of mine :slight_smile:

Demonica, she’s a Ragdoll. She does look a lot like a Birman though. I’m not sure what the difference is.

These are my boys when the white one was just a kitten. The tiny white kitten is now not so white. He has started turning orange like my older fella. Jack (the white one) is also half again as big as Prince Charming (the orange one) and they both still try to sleep in this chair together. I should get a video of that sometime.

Well, I can’t leave my princess out. This is KiKi who is not afraid of her cat carrier. She’s part Siamese and part calico. She has the coloring and markings of a Siamese, but her points are all spotty like a calico. She also has the attitude of an elderly Siamese female cat.

Love all the photos.
Jan in CA a good friend of mine has a rag doll. He is beautiful but not at all friendly, won’t let you touch him at all. What is yours like?

She’s always been pretty sweet, but it really a love now that she’s old. She will sleep on my pillow at night if I let her and sometimes gets under the covers curled up next to me. When she was young though she wasn’t always a lap cat, but she was always friendly with everyone. I think cats (and pets in general) are like people and run the gamut from almost over friendly to aloof. :wink:

Everyone’s kitties are adorable! Just want to shnuzzle them all! :teehee:

If I can borrow a couple of my mom’s cats to share with you (I have three big dogs but I love cats too!):

Oliver, otherwise known as Ollie, AKA The King.

Champ, who used to be the resident rat catcher, he’s now retired and enjoying a life of leisure.

Jan, I was thinking maybe Ragdoll also…My brother in law has a Ragdoll and I can’t see much of a difference either, except maybe the Ragdoll’s get a little bigger? Beautiful cats! I’ll post some of mine as well.

Ok, here are my kitties…

Betty Page is my calico kitty, Joey Ramone is my Himalayan, The 2 curled up together are Lion and Bat, and, Evil is my grey and white baby.

Please forgive the crappiness of most of the pics, they were taken when I had an awful camera!

A little OT but my daughter just asked me “Why do all you knitters have so many cats?” (keeping in mind we have 2 as well). She just found it very interesting…
I’ll post shots of ours tonight…

My cat Vivy loves to lay on the arms of chairs and hang her arms down the sides. She’s so silly. Or she’ll lay on her back with all her appendeges splayed out (usually she’ll lay right in the middle of the hallway where people are walking :roll:)

Here’s Vivy in my son’s accordian case and getting into a box (she loves boxes and bags) and Maddy is my other cat. She loves hiding under umbrellas

Jan, As far as I know, there isn’t too much difference between the two, except origins, and from what I’ve read is that Ragdolls are an offshoot of the Birman breed, which explains why the coloring is fairly close.