YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! DivaKnitting is now having a CLOSE-OUT Sale!

[LEFT]You must RUSH over to [COLOR=red][B]Diva Knitting[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=black] and check out the closeouts!!! My very favorite yarn company, SWTC has some doozies, so do other companies, but I’m speaking from my heart about my faves! And, alas, as much as I DESIRE 5 o 8 balls of SWTC Pure, alas, I don’t have the heart to talk to Lonnie about yet another yarn purchase after he just got yummy artyarns sock yarn for me, ordered Romantic Knits (& a few others recently, this one just happens to be on the way here!), got me yarn in Charleston and my mil surprised me with the Sock Wizard software AND KristinW surprised me with all of those goodies…THEREFORE…YOU MUST GO FORTH AND SHOP! TAKE AWAY the temptation of SWTC Pure from me…or buy me some, either way…head to Diva Knitting and SAVE a lot of $…shop in my name, do it for Becka, come on…ya know ya want to!!!:blooby:[/COLOR][/LEFT]

All these companies going out of business are going to take me down with them, lol!

Edited: Oh, wait, now I see. Just a closeout on those yarns, they aren’t closing altogether. I think I might be able to resist…trying to resist…

Yet again… you ENABLERS are going to get me into trouble. :wink:

She is hard to resist with the sales, especially the closeouts! But, in addition to those items already listed, Lonnie surprised me yesterday with the fact that he just won an auction for the #1 yarn holder that I’ve been looking for: So, here again, as MUCH as I want SWTC’s Pure yarn, I can’t bring myself to buy it because he keeps showering me with knitty goodies all by himself, it would be like saying, “Thanks, Honey, all that you do is cool, but not enough!” and that is so NOT true!

[B]BUT[/B]…[I]PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE[/I]…[B]GO, SHOP FOR ME,[/B] [I]I will live vicariously through your Diva shopping![/I]

oooohhhh…that yarn holder is gawgeous!

why, why, why do I open these threads, KNOWING I will find something so lovely, something so hard to resist, something that is just begging for a home???!? Rebecca, you vile temptress!

3.48 for a ball of soft, worsted weight, bright colored wool is amazing! 218 yards a ball, too, so WAY cheaper than knitpicks even. I just loaded up with the apple green, and got some hot pink to put me above 50 and make a sweater for my little one.

Best deal i’ve had lately, and i’ve gotten some really good deals!

My order shipped today

5 ea. Gianna–Venetian Blue #42
8 ea. Pure–Glacier–100% Soy Silk

Thanks, Kemp, isn’t it SPECTACULAR?! I use all of my yarn holders, but I don’t know if I will even use this one because it has the original tags on it! But, it’s so perfect for socknitting and/or very large cakes of yarn!
Oh, Becca, I was just looking at the Pure, because I still want some SO MUCH and saw that the blue was gone…I’m glad it went to a good home! Of course, the black would find a better home here, but I’m controlling myself and it ain’t easy!!!
Love to see ya’ll got yummy yarns!!!
LOL, I don’t know that I’m so much a temptress with all yarn shops, but Kemp is my very good bud (which is why I wrote a sock pattern for her when her store opening!) and any time I see something going on @ her shop I SPREAD the word! That’s what friends are for, especially we with big mouths, LOL!!!

that is a very pretty yarn holder! i love the color of it :heart:
i wish i could buy some stuff from you, kemp! but we need to drive from washington to central cali sometime in the near future (very ill grandpa:verysad:), so no more spending :pout: good luck with you sale!!!:happydance:

Thank you! Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

Me, too, I so hope your grandpa gets better, I’m putting him on my prayer list right now.

:heart:thank you both.:hug: my mom and her sister just bumped their flights up to leave tomorrow. he is not doing any better. i hope they get at least a day together.:pray:

sending prayers for time and safe travels…:pray: :hug:

That was really fast shipping. I got it today. Sooo pretty and soft.

I’ve now gotten [B]two[/B] orders from Diva Knitting within the last week!! My new yarny goodness is sitting beside me, so I can fondle it while I attempt to finish up some UFOs.

My poor husband is a little beside himself right now (MORE YARN??), but I’m starting to think it’s all an act. The man got me a gift certificate to one LYS for my b’day, and another one (different LYS) for our anniversary!

Jeanius, I hope your grandpa gets well soon. :hug:

you guys need to post pics of your yarn p0rn! :wink: i need a fix :rofl: