Young Knitters

My daughter is becoming interested in knitting, but I am finding it hard to keep her interested in finsihing her projects.

She has only tackled scarves.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to projects or ideas to help me help her?

Also, a few neighbor girls came over and saw me knitting and said that they are wanting to learn, so I was thinking of having a young stitch and bitch for the younger gals.

So you might be able to help me with ideas for that as well.

i really wouldn’t push her to complete them i hated being pushed like that when i was a kid and actually stopped doing crafts all together because of it…definitely not my mother’s goal there.

The only reason it drives me nuts is I run out of needles.

If I start a new project my needles have half a project on them.


lol well that would cause me to thread a scrap yarn through the work and take the needles off. then tell her that she can have them back when you are done with them!

start them off with some short projects. scarves seem to drag on and on. i luv my wrist warmers and iPod cozies. got love instant gratification. :thumbsup:

oh that is a good idea, I think I have some simple wrist patterns.

How old is “younger,” anyway? That makes a difference in pattern suggestions.

But I would suggest quick, small knits that she could use herself–that way she gets quicker gratification and has more motivation. (Like the wrist-warmers.)

She is will be 13 this year.

neighbor girl is 11.

How about hats? There are patterns for two-needle hats, if she doesn’t want to knit in the round.

Or what about the Incredibly Easy Bunny?

There are some easy slipper patterns out there- but they come in pairs, of course, so they’re a bit tougher to get finished. :wink:

Another quick knit is a pocket tissue cover for her purse. Just knit a rectangle and fold over and seam. They also make quick little gifts for teachers and friends and a great way to use novelty yarns or practice some cables. You could also add a little pocket to keep hand sanitizer as well.

What about Amy’s I-pod headband? I was browsing the selection of the Fixation at my LYS yesterday. They had some really fun colors. They also had a simple baby hat made from Fixation. Maybe they would like to knit for charity?

i dunno, they might b a little old for that. i know i wouldn’t want to bother make that when i was that age (3-5 yrs ago)

Well, it would depend on the girl, probably. I was all about dolls and stuffed animals when I was in middle school. :wink: But they make nice donatable things, too, or gifts for younger cousins.

Hmmm… I agree that benies would make an awsome project. If you have “Knitting Rules” by the Yarn Harlot, she has a great pattern for a rectangularly knit hat.

I don’t mean to ask a newb-ish question or derail an otherwise productive thread, but what exactly is a ‘stitch and bitch’?

It’s when a few knitters (can be anywhere from three to thirty) get together in a place a knit, talk about yarn or knitting, and talk about anything you like. Think knitting club. I have never been to one, but I think that’s what they’re like.

I have an obsession with wristwarmers: I love Knitty’s Fetching and these:

If you think something as tricky as these may discourage her, Knittingpatterncentral has lots of simpler patterns under mittens and gloves (but still beautiful). Hats may be a good idea too - something faster than scarves can be more satisfying.
If you can interest her in a smaller pattern like these, it will mean that you can buy some really nice stuff - like Noro in a nice colourway, or something with alpaca/cashmere etc. - where you might be reluctant to go to the expense on a larger project. If the wool she’s using is gorgeous and soft, that might also encourage her to keep at it.
But if she really doesn’t like knitting at all, you may have to give up your dream of mother-daughter knitting time :slight_smile:

As for the “incredibly easy bunny”…I had a major meltdown over it…and I’m not a beginner and I’m well over 11!!! LOL!!! That bunny ended my fascination w/ knitted toys…

S&B Handbook
S&B Nation

If you google it, I’m sure you could pull up more info on the S&B groups. Maybe even find one in your area! :teehee:

[size=6][color=indigo]Maybe have her work on something using big needles (15-17) so she gets the satisfaction of seeing a completed project. Try setting time aside for just knitting–take her out to eat and then just sit & knit for awhile.

My 11 yo dd has been knitting for 2 years & crocheting for 1 year. I always let her pick out the project and yarn.

If DD has time to watch TV, she is either knitting or crocheting xxx . She has completed MANY projects–vest, grannie square afghan, dog blanket, felted purses, dishclothes, scarves, backpacks, purses, etc.

She goes to all the knit togethers with me and has lots of fun with all the ladies (there are a couple other girls too).

She is making her first sock right now. I am really proud of her and her dedication to finishing a project.[/color][/size]


One trick that worked with my daughter (she is 9) to complete projects was she could pick out more yarn. (perhaps mom should have taken her own advice :roflhard: I would have finished a lot more projects and had way less yarn!)

I have also had her look through my knitting magazines looking for what I find that interests her. Some ideas she came up with were a simple purse, a headband, a triangle shawl (easy pattern that teaches one increase each row.), a skirt, and a hat.

There are several books out there that have fun projects for kids. A couple off the top of my head are both Knit Girrl Books, and the Klutz book in the kit. I did find a couple at my local library that was geared for girls around her age that she liked. She is currently helping me make a her a blanket. (The link is below. We are making it larger than instructed, by adding another color and more squares.)

She mainly knits when I am reading to her and her brother. She can’t knit while waiting movie or the TV like I can. If I need to go the LYS for help (which I find I do less of now that I use the forum!) she takes her project and works on it there. Sometimes she takes in the car with us, but not very often.

I hope that gives you a few ideas, it’s great we can have kids learn early!