You Wouldn's BELIEVE what my MOM said about my knitting!

Well my brother and I are switching rooms so my step-sister and I can share the bigger room. She was moving my knitting while I was gone and she called me to tell me that she was disgusted by the amount of YARN that I have! I was so offended… she doesn’t knit so she just does not understand what yarn does to a knitter!! :!!!: :grrr: :pout: :-x

If she’s so disgusted by it, tell her not to look at it! :!!!:

Tell her she needs to watch what she says about the yarn. It makes the needles angry.

Tell her you have to have that much to cover up your illegal drugs and pornography collection!

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:teehee: You guys are funny!

That wasn’t very nice of your mom to say it that way, but since you do have to live with her you might be able to calm her down.

Organize it so it’s all in one place like plastic underbed boxes or something. If you have plans for it, like knitting something for charity, gifts or something tell her about it.

Okay…some mistakes were made here. However, maybe everyone can recover.

Mistake 1: When living with non-knitters never let them see the entire stash. It’s awesome presence is just too much for them.

Recovery: From now on, gradual increase in “surface” stash. This will help the non knitters into having stash blindness.

Mistake 2: Creative storage of stash was not in place.

Recovery: While some advise to “organize” the stash, this makes it easier for non knitters to see the entire stash. Non knitters seeing the entire stash is the same as if we looked into the heart of the sun. I advise the creative storage system. This calls for hidin…er um storing yarn in unexpected places. Shoe boxes work well, coats, matress stuffing, etc…

Mistake 3: Not educating the non knitters on the benefits of having the stash.

Recovery: Try to work into conversation how having a stash benefits the entire house hold. Such as it provides insulation.

Take it from the girl who let her DH see the stash. His comment: “Holy s@*#” I called the paramedics to help him recover from shock. He’s fine now and in denial about seeing the stash.

not being serious here. Just trying to cheer you up


Bip has the right idea, but I’d give it a twist. Say “at least I’m only addicted to yarn!”

(It could be something worse, after all.)

:roflhard: Love the responses here!!!

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We recently moved and as I unpacked I put the yarn in these nice little cubes. My husband said it was alot, but since it was brightly colored and decorative it was ok.

…then I unpacked the other 2 HUGE boxes full of yarn. He came home from work and said," What the hell happened to your nice craft corner?!"

I really do need to sell some of it. I am only 26 and am pretty sure I am at the SABLE point. Oy.

I agree, don’t let anyone see it all in one place. Slide rubbermaid into the attic if you have to.

Oh Lily -

I can’t stop laughing! Your response was hysterical (and true!!!)


Thankfully, my mother would never say anything like that because she is a quilter and I’ve seen her fabric stash…she could make quilts to cover the bed of every person in our town with the amount of fabric she has. My dad even remodeled the garage to give her a quilting room. She has a yarn stash, too, and she doesn’t even knit. She uses the yarn to tie knots in her quilts…and she likes to have different colors around :teehee: (I have to go home and raid it, soon)

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Yah tell her that. Then she’ll think twice about calling your babies DISCUSTING! She should be happy that yarn is your addiction. Discusting in deed. :!!!: :grrr: :!!!: :grrr:

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Nadja xxx

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I love it. That’s wonderful. I intend to take your advice.

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Nadja xxx

Mistake 4: Not knowing how to manage your temper when you see negative reaction from a non-knitter.

I think the amount of yarn in my house is disgusting, and it’s all MINE! :teehee:

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Tell her it could be way worse. I have a passion for antique sewing machines, so I have a lot of them. I probably have 20-30 machines–at least 7 treadles. Yarn is much lighter and easier to move.

When I moved, it was hard to find people willing to help, because they knew about my collection and weren’t interested in schlepping sewing machines all day.

I’ll be proud to have an out of control yarn stash one day. At this point, I only buy what I need for one project at a time.


Yeah, you’re right, Ingrid. It’s totally disgusting that your stash is so pitiful. I command you to go out and buy more yarn immediately.