You who are allergic to wool

I have only worked with 100% wool twice. The first time, I used tapestry wool skeins I picked up at Salvation Army (made coasters to felt). Now, I’m knitting a Kitty Pi bed to felt.

I am having quite an allergic reaction to this yarn! My face has been itchy (no breaking out, though), and my eyes have alternately burned and itched, and I’ve been sneezing alot. It’s not so bad that I’m miserable and cannot stand to finish, but I am definitely allergic. I’m using Lambs Pride Bulky yarn. I didn’t have this reaction with the small skeins of tapestry wool that I used for the coasters.

I am planning on making my some scarves and gloves and mittens out of soft wool yarns, for my daughter for Christmas. She lives in Germany, in a very cold winter climate. When home, her allergies to various things were far worse than mine, so now I’m concerned about using wool for her garments, for fear of her having an allergic reaction. Are some wools more bothersome to you who suffer than others? :thinking:

I don’t have any reaction to wool, so I can’t help you there.

I just wanted to ask if you’ve tried alpaca? It’s very soft and warm and might be a good substitute.

I would try alpaca too…this one looks wonderful. :smiley:

No, I’ve not tried anything yet. This is my first time to knit with wool, so I didn’t know if it would be likely to have reactions to other animal yarns as well, or not. :thinking:

:?? Ummm???

Duh. That didn’t make a lick of sense, did it? :shock:

I meant to say, I’ve only worked with wool twice (Lambs Pride Bulky, and some really old tapestry skeins I found at SA). but have never tried any other animal yarns.

:figureditout: :wink:

Ooh, Julie, that Decadence looks…well…decadent! :drooling:

Totally dreamy dudes and dudettes …

Someone gave me a hank of this 75 percent wool, 25 percent alpaca handspun that is the itchiest thing I’ve ever touched. I was afraid to knit with it because I was wondering who would want to touch it, let alone wear it, but my husband doesn’t find it itchy at all. I have to keep a blanket on my lap when it knit because it irritated my legs when I was wearing shorts. The yarn sheds, too, and even one little strand will send me into an itching frenzy. I’ve noticed that my eyes burn and water while I’m working with the yarn, too. Needless to say, I haven’t touched that project in a while.

However, I can use 100 percent merino wool and merino-cashmere blends, etc., just fine. It’s totally soft on my skin, and no itching or burning sensation.


Maybe it could have something to do with how it is processed? It might be worth letting it soak in a tub with some gentle cleanser for a half hour. Rinse then let it dry and see if that makes a difference.