You tube video

This one is too funny, if you haven’t seen it, Take a look.

That’s really funny, I’ve never seen that before!!! :roflhard: Guys just can’t admit they knit… it’s so sad…

It’s ADORABLE!!! :heart: Now going through all thatthat is true love!!! :heart: Thanks for sharing!

That’s on the download list :roflhard:
Must send it to BF!!!

that was so cute!

Did you see this one???

I was laughing so hard my husband had to look over my shoulder… he didnt get it. LOL


stands proudly with a pair of needles in one hand and a hook in the other
I swing both ways ladies and gents!!


lol so cute!! :teehee:

what’s funny is that she holds up a knitted wash cloth when she’s showing off what she crochets for the farmer’s market… :roflhard:

OMG, that was funny, I was trying to figure out the guys knitting, he was wrapping that yarn in some weird ways… And the “crocheted dishclothes”…lol

They showed Lettuce Knits from Toronto…lol

Did anyone watch the sock from the knitmaster machine one, holy cow, she machine knie all the sock, but it took just as long to do all the seems up and they looked well less then nice…lol…just can’t replace hand made knitted socks, regardless of the knitting machine…

ohhhh myyyyy goooooood!!! dios míiiiiiiio!!! that´s soooooo funny!!! are they for real???

Did you see this one???

That was so cute!! I love when he answers her if he made it… “NO!” :heart: