You MUST see this..props to my dh!

For Christmas each year, the only thing I request of my dh is a drawing/painting. My dh is fabulously talented–he’s entirely self-taught and draws/paints the most beautiful things. Anyway–we are actually newlyweds (we’ve been married for about 6 weeks) and so this year my dh decided to pick one of our recent wedding photos and use it to paint from. It was a surprise–I always know what I’m getting (a drawing/painting) but I never know of what. I wanted to share it with you guys b/c I’m so proud of it. Below is a digital file of his painting and the original photograph. (He got rid of my freckles and gave himself more hair!! :happydance: ) he didn’t want me to post the original photo b/c he thought that it showed “how awful” his painting was–I think it shows how skilled he is–it’s amazing to me that he can just look at an image and produce such beautiful work. Anyway–sorry to boast about my dh so much but I haven’t been able to show it to anyway yet! I love my dh :inlove: :heart: :inlove: :heart:


That is FABULOUS!!! Your DH is extremely talented! Doing portraits is very hard, I love to draw and I could never do faces. Eyes are very hard to draw in my opinion. What a beautiful photo and great expression of love and talent! You both should be very proud! :heart: :heart: :cheering:

WOW! He is very talented and did a wonderful job!! :cheering: :cheering:

That’s fantastic! He did a great job!!!

Congradulations! (on being newlywed)

That’s awesome! Does he do it on a tablet with the computer or with real paint and a brush? It’s so awesome.

I’m an artist too :slight_smile:

Portraits are awful, hard things to do :help: but your DH did a great job!!! He even got it to look like the two of you!!! (That’s not as easy as it sounds, people!)

I agree, big props to your DH… :cheering:

WOW! The way he captured the light on your faces…just WOW!

Your DH is fabulously talented!!!


WOW!!! :thumbsup:

Talk about talent…that is amazing!

WOW!!! :heart: :heart:

That is just gorgeous!! Definite props to the dh! :cheering: :cheering:

That is really stunning. He certainly has a great deal of talent. Just look how he captured the lighting. Look at the pearls, the fingernails, their lips and happy eyes. He captured not only the technical aspects of the photograph, but the mood of it as well.
You’re going to be rich if he’s doing this professionally, but you already are in that you’re married to such a thoughtful guy.
Congrats on your new marriage, too! :smiley:

That is beautiful! And congratulations! :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

what a beautiful picture of the two of you- and an even more meaningful gift. He is very talented!!

Great job especially with the skin tones. Those are really hard to do. Great job on composition too. :thumbsup:

He does it semi professionally in that he does commissioned pieces–he really doesn’t like portraits–it’s probably his weak area–but he does them for me. Last year he did one of my 3 year old daughter that is absolutely stunning. He actually went to school for Industrial design and concentrated on toy making but the market for that isn’t so hot in GA and we don’t want to move away from our families . His parents own a printing company and he does all of their layout and graphic work. His intentions were to go to art school after GaTech but never did–I keep encouraging him. He love sequential art, and if you know what that is (comics), you know that we’ll never get rich that way!
I can’t remember who asked but yes, he did do this one w/ a tablet. He does a little of everything–he has a large Intuous and all of the pens/airbrush stuff but he does traditional painting and pencil and paper drawings too. A lot of times he will pencil things out (if it’s a sketch or pencil drawing) and then scan it in and color it digitally. It just depends on the subject.

Thanks for all of the kind words–I like to show him that other people appreciate his work too–and that’s why I share it around even when he doesn’t. :slight_smile: Happy New Year!

I think both the photograph and the painting are beautiful! If portraits are his “weak area” then his other work must be out of this world! I’m very impressed. Also, what a beautiful bride you were!

That is wonderful! He’s a very talented artist!

My DH started taking art classes after he retired several years ago and loves to do portraits (as well as other things), too. It’s a great hobby for him and he’s very talented. He comes by it naturally as his mom is an artist. Does your DH dpaint for a living?