You might be a knitter if

you go to colorado and, after coming out of a thrift store, realize you’ve just blown half your vacation money on needles.
it just ain’t right.

I don’t know about that- sounds just about right to me!

:?? Does anyone see a problem with this?

I don’t consider that “bad” … you bought it at the thrift store for cryin out loud~ how frugal can ya get??? :??

You might be a knitter if : you go into your local yarn store and pay for your purchase and the clerk says "I don’t need ID for your credit card. I recognize you b/c you come in here all the time."
You carry a sack full of newly purchased yarn from Store A into yarn Store B (closed and tied shut) and noone asks to see or hold your bag while you are shopping in their yarn section~ :teehee:

You might be a knitter if:

You are willing to pay extra for priority shipping for all that yarn that you saved so much money on by shopping online just cause there’s no way you can wait all that time for standard shipping.

Ok, maybe that’s just me :aww:

Just half??

You might be a knitter if you start eyeing twine, rope, string, and thread and wondering how they knit up. :teehee:

I qualify, then, sort of. On our trip to Pagosa Springs (CO) last summer, the first place I wanted to hit in the touristy town was the thrift shop. I came up short on knitting paraphanalia, but I did enter a little stitchery shop, which looked like all cross-stitch from the signs, but was delighted to find a small, but delightful section of yarn. :cheering:

So, in my case, you might be a knitter if you blow vacation spending money on single skeins of yarn that you have no intended specific use for in a craft shop.

I came home with a lovely skein of Southwest Trading Company’s Bamboo, and a skein of Lorna’s Laces Glory. They’re delicious, and they’re still sitting in my stash. :mrgreen: I did buy something else there, but can’t remember what it was. Whatever it was, I guess I must have knit something with it, since it’s no longer around. :??

You’re constantly inching your way closer to people with knitwear on, wondering a) if they knit it and b) how the stitch was done…


Same situation as above but you look at it and think to yourself “I could knit that!” and you know what weight of yarn was used, etc.

I was knitting a HUGE blanket for DH in Caron SS (since it was going to the ship, it had to be able to take a beating). I had to go into Michael’s a few times over the course of a month to buy more yarn. The last time I went in the cashier said “You must really like this color” and she even remembered my zip code. I honestly didn’t even realize I’d gone through her line before. :oops:

…if you plan your vacation around knitting shops along the route :wink:

Seriously! I’m going to Paris in April for the first time and I have already checked to see where the yarn shops are!

DH thinks I’m certifiable. Most normal people head to the Louvre. :teehee:

You know you are a Knitter when you have an appointment and you hope they are running late. So while you are waiting on them you can knit. :cheering: :happydance:

I did that not long ago! I was gazing at a beautiful pink sweater in Janie & Jack and then I realized that it was a simple garter & cable design.

I put it back! :teehee:

We are going to Gulf Shores this summer and I’m already surfing the net for yarn shops in, out and around the area. I home sick with the flu so today I rolled money from the extra change jar–I have $68.00 to spend on yarn, needles, notions, etc. I have plenty of seashells–I need my yarn fix :heart:

I took my daughter shopping for a friend’s birthday gift today. We went to a small gift shop…you know the kind…unique gifts.

I, of course, gravitated to the purses. I had to call her over to one I found. I explained which side was purled and which side was knit.

Yeah, yeah, Mom…WHATEVER… :roll:

:teehee: :teehee: :teehee:


Seriously! I’m going to Paris in April for the first time and I have already checked to see where the yarn shops are!

DH thinks I’m certifiable. Most normal people head to the Louvre. :teehee:[/quote]

Hubby is going to Paris! I want him to get me some yarn, but I need to find some stores there.