You know you're obsessed when

My son & I tripped over each other & fell in the street yesterday. He skinned his knees very badly, I landed on my knee and hand- and thought I broke it.

My very first thought after caring for my son was-

“OH NO- I hope I didn’t break it- because HOW CAN I KNIT WITH A BROKEN HAND?”

It isn’t broken but 2 bones are very bruised. Typing hurts and is slow. It’s swollen and in a splint- but I will be OK. Especially in a couple days when I can knit. :thumbsup:

Yikes! Hope it heals quickly!

Now that is obsessed but I would have thought the same thing. Hope you feel better soon.


OUCH! Hope you & your son heal soon.

Hope you both are feeling better soon… and I wold have thought the same thing too…

LOL! At least I am not alone in my knitting obsession.

Still sore but typing is easier today- this weekend I will pick up my needles & try it!

a piece of advice from one’s who has been there…don’t overdo it your first few times. You’ll think you’re fine and then it will suddenly hurt like EVERYTHING!! just do a little bit at a time at first and work back up to your normal amount of time.
hang in there.

Ouch, glad to hear that nothing is broken. Hope you are back knitting soon.

How are you feeling now?