You know you're an addict when

…you look forward to graduating NOT for the extra free time you’ll have with your kids, ut for the time you’ll have to knit. (Not that I won’t enjoy more time with the kiddos, but they tend to take what they need. My bag of UFOs hasn’t learned how to say “Come play with me Mommy” yet.)

…you have seriously considered naming any future daughter Addi, Denise, Purl, etc…or even Amy. :smiley:

What’s your favorite (or most embarrassing) symptom?


Most embarrassing symptom?
When DH decided to help with the cleaning (me being laid up with a sprained ankle), and discovered yarns in bags in closets we’d both completely forgotten about. It was a medley of about 25 skeins total. :oops:

I really need to put my stash in one place, so that I know what I’ve actually got on hand for projects.

When my mother started offering to ask my brother “who has business contacts over there (in the States)” to see if he could get one of his contacts to pick up some Plymouth Encore and maybe a set of the Plymouth bamboo interchangeables for me LOL

I realised then that when I talk to her about knitting (and I’ve only been back to it a short while, month or two at the most) I must sound like some super obsessed mad woman :wink:

You look forward to moving to a bigger house {or having the kids move out} so that you will have more room to put your stash.

I’m guilty of that one, Nicole! I keep telling my DH that everything will be better when we have more house to put my stash in.

Lol I tell DH that when we move I want an entire room dedicated to yarn, etc. He looks VERY worried everytime I mention it lol. :rofling:

I know I have mentioned it before on here, but I knew I was in trouble when HE had a dream about little vials of crack each with a different type of yarn in it…

:shock: :shock: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

You are going home for the weekend to see your mother and wondering how you can work in a trip to the next town to visit the yarn store. Note: Mother is not into yarn, fabric etc AT ALL.

I feel like one of those drug seeking patients you hear about in healthcare…Doc, I gotta have something for the pain…a gift card from Knit picks, or just a sample of the newest Berroco will do. Please doc you gotta help me.

Honey, I’m running to the gas station to get gas…(forget to tell him it’s the one across town just down the street from the yarn store)…

My mom and I both took a class together on knitting when she was living her (she was having a house built). So we both got knitting and I find this awesome LYS here and told her when she came back up to visit we’d go to the LYS. She laughed and told me, uhm hunny don’t you remember I live outside San Antonio? I have LYS all over the place…well duh!

Sheesh I was just so pleased to find one 45 miles from me let alone to have 5 in about 30 minutes of HER house. She just has to spoil all my fun!


PS What do you do when your mom (who can’t manage to do anything electronical right) knits better than you do?!

Send her to one of her LYSs for yarn for you!!! :thumbsup:

You know you’re addicted when…

…you hope your latest yarn purchase arrives in the mail when your DH isn’t home. :rollseyes:

…you take pictures of your yarn when it arrives and store the pictures on your work computer so you can look at your stash when you’re supposed to be working. :smiley:

… when it’s Friday Nite… and you cant wait to get home from work… to sit & knit (not go out… drinkin or socializing like i used to) hahah! sit & knit saturday nites are great too!


oops double posted… sry

When the dog who wants out, understands “just wait until I finish this row…” :XX: :smiley: samm

:oops: When the kids automatically tell anyone who calls to “hang on while she finishes this row”. :shock:

When your kids point out that “mom, there’s a yarn store right across the street. You could go there while we check out the new skateboards.” :doh: They know I’ll take them!

For me - I know I’m addicted when I cant leave the house without some project in case I’m in line for something, or hit traffic, or have 5 minutes to do nothing. You can do alot in those 5 minutes!

Also - I know I’m addicted when I have crates of yarn but have to get to the yarn store because I NEED new yarn! Is there a class for that - Hello, my name is Rebecca and I’m addicted to yarn! :happydance:

When you go to bed early not so you can spend “special time” with your husband but so you can knit in peace. I go up about an hour before I want to go to sleep, listen to my ipod and knit away. Usually listen to my favorite podcasts.

You know you’re a knitting addict when…

You hear on the news that the police confiscated a large stash from a suspect’s house and wonder when Malbrigo possession became illegal.

…when 95% of the bookmarks in my webbrowser are knitting patterns I want to try…

…when you’d rather knit than make out…

…when you cannot find the remote control because it is burried underneath massive piles of yarn and knittin projects…

…your forget to eat lunch because you want to get to row 45 so you can just finish this one section!..