You know you have too much yarn when

My niece and her son are coming for a 2 week visit today and my sister and her husband are coming next week so I am a bedroom short and I was clearing out my craft/yarn room to put up the rollaway beds.I have my yarn stacked in open bins about 6 high I was pulling the bottom bin DH had the top… the whole thing collapsed on top of me…luckily the bins are lightweight and it was yarn in them-also lightweight.I’ll probably have a few bruises tomorrow-then I can say I was hit with a ball of worsted LOL
Seriously…I have to knit up this stash…I am a wee bit embarrassed to have my visitors see my yarn collection especially when they don’t knit.

Your visitors may not understand, but we sure do! :lol: Glad you’re okay!

Glad you’re ok too.

My boyfriend and I recently moved to a new house and when we unpacked all my yarn he said “OK. Don’t you think you have enough now?” My answer “Not nearly.” :rofl:

i bought a second tub for my yarn, blocking tools and ball winder and the reaction from my man was “did you really need that”. he doesn’t understand that most of my stash is for charity knitting so it moves out slowly…non-knitters will never get it.

whooohooo~~!!! let it all hang out!! :slight_smile: LOL :inlove:

:teehee: But glad you are ok!!

:fingerwag: One NEVER has too much yarn! I have to take that stand or I’ll have to be put away.

My yarn, however, has never attacked me. :teehee: Glad you weren’t hurt!

I just went through my front hall closet to see if I had something…and realized there is more yarn in there than anything else (including pop/water/coats/hats/mits combined)

I really need to get my craft…I mean…YARN room built…

Glad you are ok too!

Well, just remember, we here at KH who share your addiction understand! :hug:

She/he who dies with the most yarn wins. Still dead, but a winner. :??

I’m very lucky. My DH is a power tool junkie. If ever he comments on my yarn addiction, I reply with “Well, my hobby is cheaper than yours.” Stops him in his tracks every time!

Yeah, but whoever gets her yarn in her will is the happiest! :wink:

I have an addiction to both. :oo:

:roflhard: I gotta share that with my friend. I took her yarn shopping today & we were commenting on our stashes. Ours pale in comparason to many others’.

The mother of one of my friends is an amazing crocheter.
she has more yarn than I have ever seen in one place. She crochets, so a huge amount of it is Red Heart (yuck!) but still, it is quite amazing to see her yarn stash. And some of her yarn is quite exotic, she has yarn from all over the world. Her family actually has a shed behind their house that they use to stash all of her yarn-bins.
so… yeah… she has lots of yarn… and just like all of us, she is always looking for more. :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new a knitting, so my yarn collection is very small. However, my DH has a passion for fishing or maybe it’s collecting fishing stuff. He has bin and bins of lures, hooks, etc., and over 25 rods! I think I can go a long way in knitting before he can complain!:thumbsup:

Yeah my DH went thru the fishing thing. Those lures really work. Lured him right into buying them. :teehee:

I know I have too much yarn:

I ran out of room on my enclosed back porch so I started using my spare bedroom…

Then I moved my dog’s crate out of the spare bedroom to make room for more yarn…

Then I moved the bed out of the spare bedroom to make room for even more yarn…

Then I told my cleaning lady not to try to clean the spare bedroom because there is no surface space to clean!

I am on a yarn diet! It has been 30 days since I bought yarn:cheering:

Yarndolly, my husband is the same way. He’ll spend all afternoon in Bass Pro Shops…and I’ll be in A.C. Moore’s, so we’re both happy.