You know what's worse than reading the directions wrong

and having to rip out?

Thinking you read the directions wrong, ripping out, then realizing you read them right after all! :wall:

Fortunately, it was only 3 short rows, but still…

I do that too!! :gah:

BTW, Doublerededer2, I love your screenname.

My clarinet-playing daughter has her e-mail as “clariknitter.” She’s just taken up the bassoon this year, and is enjoying that as well.

I’ve done that a coupla times too… :roll:

I’m a flute player, but I took up Bassoon because the university offered me a scholarship if I could play both - double reeds ROCK; if only I could afford to keep up that part of my music hobby too!

Oh, I’ve definitely been there… Good thing you weren’t that far along!

And by the way, I’m totally jealous of all of you musically gifted knitters:pout:

LOL - had to laugh. Been there done that too. Glad you hadn’t gone too far and didn’t have to rip out too much.

Been there, done that…got that T-shirt

Been there, done that, saw the movie THEN bought the t-shirt.

I’ve done a /palmface way too many times while knitting, especially when I’m sleepy and trying to finish something up.