You know that you're no longer a total newbie when >>

you pick up a pattern that calls for something a little different and you don’t immediately think “I can’t do that”. You read the instructions and think, “hey, I CAN do that!”. And you realize that the pattern question you were going to post…just do exactly what it says and voila!, you did it! :woohoo:

(Let me go ahead and reserve the right to ask any questions in the future, perhaps this morning, particularly the ones that make you go ‘D’oh!’ when you read the answer…)



Hooray for you! And you realize it’s not only safe to push the envelope - but that if it pushes back, you have a plethora of helpers right here at your beck and postings.

You are a winner all down the line.

Great! and Congrats!

Waaaaaaay to go, Laura! Your are no longer a newbie! :cheering::cheering::cheering:

But, you can still ask questions like us old-timers do!!! :teehee: