You know knitting is popular

when the models in the Urban Outfitters catalog are doing it! I was flipping through and noticed this girl had yarn in her bag and on the table, and then if you look really really close, you can see needles and yarn in her hand. :smiley:

thats kinda neat!

Knitting’s the new thing to do for hipsters.

I don’t know how I feel about this. Are they co-opting knitting and making it seem blase? Or is it making knitting empowering? :thinking:

I don’t know–I do think it’s trendy right now but it will probably drop off at some point like all trends. However, I think it will bring a lot of new people to knitting, whether they stick with it or not. The Urban Outfitters people probably just heard it was popular and stuck it into the ad.

Yeah I feel like that too. Like bringing new people to the fold is good and all but if folks see this ad then what kind of knitters will we get? Hmmmm… :thinking:

Ya know what? I’m being too judgmental. The more knitters the merrier! Forget everything I just said :rollseyes:

You knitting snob, you!! :wink: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I knew you didn’t mean it :thumbsup:




I think that you probably wouldn’t even notice she was knitting in this ad unless you were a knitter already–it’s very hard to tell.

Who knows? Maybe the model is already one of us and couldn’t stand sitting around without her knitting nearby!!

I don’t think it matters why people learn to knit. If they enjoy it for some reason, it’s probably not hurting anyone else for them to do it.


I doubt all the cool kids will decide to pick it up since this model is sitting there with knitting needles :roflhard:

I also notice a lot of home-type catalogs (like Crate & Barrel) have pictures of baskets filled with beautiful yarn. I love that knitting is so popular right now! It just means that I can find everything I need SO easily!! And I love that so many people are excited to learn. I am starting a knitting circle in January and even invited people that don’t knit. They have already RSVP’d to come! :happydance:

I just got that catalog too. They had a lot of good “inspiration pieces” for projects. Of course, OUR stuff looks way better :thumbsup:

KNitting is very IN right now…I think the whole “trend” started when celebrities decided to tell they were knitters… :rollseyes:

On a positive note, I think that the “hipster” it gets, the cooler patterns we find! :happydance:

Exactly–I’m always trying to figure out how I could make those things myself! Usually they’re a bit overpriced.