You know..... It's been a long time

Since I fell head over heels over a pattern. I’ve never made myself anything, save a couple scruchies and a scarf I felt was to horrid to give away… :teehee: My money has always been spent on knitting supplies to knit things to give away!! Why don’t I have anything knitted to wear? I, Adanna, the avid knitter, hath nothing knitted to wear! The next 2 really big projects are going to be for me. Well… After I finish up what I’ve got OTN now. But, I present to you…


I’ve never spent more than $20 dollars on one project (which astounds some people as I’m always using nice yarns and very rarely acrylics…) And the shawl alone cost over $20 for yarn!!! I’m waiting to make the hoodie as I’m getting ready to get on some meds that some people have told me will make me lose weight ( :woot: ) and I’d hate to knit a huge project and it not fit. :slight_smile: But I EL OH VE EE these two both…

Yeah, I know. There is a bit of a contrast there. I do know that. This is the girl who is most aptly described to be strange. I’ll wear pink shirts with cream lace and corduroy skirts from fashion bug, while I go round up goats and gather eggs. Farm girl. City girl. Farm girl+City girl= Pretty close to me. And I love both patterns, and I think they are great, so I’m gonna be knittn!!! :woot:

They are both very nice! I’m kind of in the same boat - I just about NEVER knit for myself…but I think that cardigan just [I]might[/I] have to get put on a list for something to make for me also - I really like it! Course, it will take me a year to finish, if I am lucky! :stuck_out_tongue:

I very rarely knit for myself either, and when I do I never like the finished product. So it either sits in a drawer, is given away, or I frog the whole project and have a huge ball of yarn in the end.

Those are both beautiful, and hmmm Mariah somehow added up in my queue. But the zipper scares me. So what, I am trying lots of scary stuff lately.

I like a lot of varied things too, which is OK! I also have knitted lots of things for other people, but very little for me. The Frida poncho I have in my rav projects (no pics yet) is for me!

I don’t know if you ever order online, but Knit Picks has lace yarn for a very reasonable price. I am using the Shadow lace yarn in the Jewels Heather colorway for the Mystery Stole- under $12 for 3 skeins including shipping.

I really like that shawl and am going to make that one or a peacock feathers one for myself when I finish the one I’m currently making. I also have never knitted anything for myself but only make things for other people as gifts. I’m currently making Alix’s Prayer Shawl, and I’ve started falling in love with lace and shawls and decided I must make myself one. Maybe a Kiri KAL is coming up in my future? :wink:

those are both great patterns. I am glad you found something to motivate yourself to make something for you. I too am a give away knitter. I have one scarf I knit and decided to keep, I didn’t actually knit it with myself in mind. I am not a small person as well so knitting myself a sweater unless it was some kind of giant see through sz15 needle thing would be quite a job for me. LOL I will look forward to seeing how they turn out.

I bought some Noro sock yarn to make the kiri shawl at the LYS in Rochester, MN. The owner told me she had made kiri out of it and loved it! Right now I am finishing the Alix shawl for a friend but would sure like to do kiri for myself, too!

Hi! :waving:

Both patterns you selected are GORGEOUS! Very well done for deciding to treat yourself to something special.

And thanks for sharing this with us. I’ve not done any shawl knitting but when I saw the Kiri shawl, I immediately started salivating. Right now I have drool all over my keyboard! :roflhard:

So I think, when I’ve got the last of the family afghans done (only one and one-quarter to go!) I’m going to pitch right into that shawl! Wowser! It’s so beautiful! You’ve gotta feel like a princess with that draped around you!

The Mariah pattern is also beautiful, but my eyeballs are so full of the Kiri shawl I can hardly see the Mariah! Guess I’ll have to take another look at it as soon as the vision of the Kiri clears up!

Thanks again for sharing! Good luck with your YOU-projects!

Ruthie :clink:

Those are both nice. I have never done a project that complicated as the cardigan but I do like it. I might try the Kiri. It’s very pretty. You have good taste!

I would have said the hoodie but I just found a hoodie pattern by Mari and it is awesome and no zipper. The shawl is beautiful. I haven’t knitted lace yet but I hope to give it a try soon. I had the give away syndrome but now I am in the selfish mode and going to make a few things for myself. I have even given up for the moment my charity work as I was making for too many others and not my family or myself. I started the selfish and family mode about a year ago and it is nice to be able to see your work being worn by my family.:yay: