You Cowl Neck Cowards! :-)

Okay, so I started an afghan. I know, I know, you’re wondering what a cowl neck has to do with an afghan, right? Well, it is a hideous afghan. But I decided it would make a really cool poncho/cape. So I stopped at the right length, but now I want to join the two sides at the neck and make a cowl (loose turtleneck) for the top. Any ideas? I have been looking for patterns with cowl necks, but just can’t find the right one. I am using double yarn and size 17 needles, but I could switch to whatever I want for the neck.

Okay, no one was up to this challenge of answering me, so I am going to wing it on my own!

I’ll post a picture of the impending disaster when it is completed. HA HA HA


Got a photo? That might bring on some suggestions.
Without that, I would say…pick up stitches all around the neck and knit in the round for a great length, at least 12 inches, maybe in 3/3 rib or some stitch you like or that matches the body?

Yeah, I was thinking about that. My question about cowl necks is do you have to increase towards the top to make sure it is loose? Or does the looseness come from the stitch you choose? Posting a picture wouldn’t help, because no one would be able to stop laughing long enough to type…


Well, now with that teaser you HAVE to post the photo!
I think the cowl would be loose enough without increasing as long as the number of stitches you pick up around the neck is such that the cowl isn’t as tight as a hat or something. If you can fit the neck opening over your head without it scraping, that’s probably enough stitches.
But that makes me wonder about my earlier recommendation of 3/3 ribbing. Don’t use that, I guess. Something that doesn’t pull itself in would be better.

What about a farrow rib?

Okay, when I get home, I’ll post a picture.