You can't right-click and save videos on this site anymore?

I noticed the site format had changed a bit, and it looks really nice! :slight_smile: But I can no longer right-click and save videos anymore, anyone else have this problem?

If I hover over the link for the video, it says “javascript()” which usually means you can’t save it off. And when I try it I just get an error.

I wasn’t sure if this was intentional? The video never works too well for me unless I save it off, I have to save off everything, unless it’s really small.

Does anyone know? Or is Amy lurking out there somewhere and could clarify?

I know that when I do it… it will download … then play in WMP.

From there I can save it if needed.

It’s been changed. Amy described it somewhere. Click on the symbol and the video comes up. On the bottom there is a line that says something to the effect, “if you can see this video click here” Right click on that and you can get the link.

Color me dumb…

I didn’t even notice she wa susing popups… just ignore me… I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about … :S

Actually you do. When you’re up on stuff, anyway! :rofling: I find it amusing that anytime anyone asks a technical question, Norman pops up out of nowhere! :thumbsup:

He has powers, doesn’t he? :shifty:

That’s my techie genes poping in… :slight_smile:

Norman, you would get along with my son (15). The kid can open a wayward machine, close it back up and it will work properly. All he does is look inside. If I have a computer problem he can usually fix it. I just wish he could fix the latest one. Maybe if I knit my computer a sweater it would be happier and work right. :thinking:

Or a hard drive warmer?? :roflhard:

Ohhhhh good idea… nothing like sparkinga fire in a enclosed space :slight_smile: laughs

Seriously any of you thinking of this… it’s a no no-- hard drives warm up VEY VERY hot… like around … 80 degress C (~ 180 F)… and would spark a fire… :slight_smile:

Norman–she wasn’t serious. You don’t have to protect the hard drives of the world. :wink: :roflhard:

[color=red][size=7]Super Dave: hero to hard Drives every where![/size][/color]



yeah… but I could just see ONE person doing it… ya know :slight_smile: it only takes one… which is why we have the warning on curling irons not to curl your eyelashes… :rollseyes: go figure…

You guys are crazy :roflhard: I needed a laugh this morning. Norman, does it really say that on curling irons? And no, I know better than to cover my computer :smiley: I didn’t think about someone else actually doing it and you are right someone would try :thumbsup:

Most of the inane warnings on products come from some idiot trying to do it. :rollseyes:

I’m still stuck on “Indoor or Outoor Use Only”…what’s the in-between?

Doorway use ? :??

I just WISH my eyelashes were long enough to curl with a curling iron! …Or maybe not! Can you imagine? :roflhard: :roflhard:

If you REALLY have to curl them like that there’s always this.
I’ve never seen or used it.