You are all so inspiring - finished 1st pair of Fiber Trend clogs

i’ve been knitting my whole life and always enjoyed it. but i have found a new appreciation for wanting to learn more and become a better knitter from all you wonderful people on this forum.

I joined a while ago but have not posted until now. With all the information on this site i was able to figure a couple of things out that i did not know how to do before and already have become a much better knitter in just 1 month.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that because of you i have just finished my first pair of Fiber Trend clogs and also a huge Xmas stocking for my new DIL. I’ve ordered tons of yarn and plan on making lots of Xmas presents this year - and maybe after that make something for myself.:yay:

Sounds like we got you hooked. Now to reel you in . . .:rofl:
with Mmmmalabrigo, of course.