You are all on the right track!

Saw this online the other day:

It’s “Four ways to prosper even as you stay home this winter season” - and number 3 goes like this:

[COLOR=“Purple”]3. Knit and donate
Many charities are happy to receive handmade items to distribute to their clients. You can knit warm hats for premature babies, families in shelters, or soldiers stationed overseas. If you know other knitters, why not invite them over for an evening of knitting at home and share the warmth? Knitting for charity won’t generate a huge tax savings (all you can deduct is the cost of the yarn) but it will have the added bonus of knowing you’ve done something nice for someone who needed it. [/COLOR]

So - maybe more people will get the knitting-for-others bug. Congrats to all of you who already figured this out!!