YOTS: Part Deux--Design your own tank!

Are you a designer? :??

Do you want to be? :?eyebrow:

Is it hard for you to find patterns that fit your curvy hips, flat chest, short waist, big boobs, wide sholders, third arm, etc in just the perfect way??? :shock:

Can you add, subtract, multiply, divide, cast on, knit, purl, and bind off?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this KAL is for YOU! :cheering:

Our second “sweater” this year will be a summer tank top, which you will design and knit with Hildie’s Happy Mathematical Methed. (alliterations are always alluring!)

I’m hoping that this KAL will inspire some of you to take the next step in knitting–pattern emancipation!!!

A few “requirements” for this KAL that I thought would be fun:
*some kind of bottom “border” or edging
*a stitch pattern BESIDES stockinette stitch

But it’s your design, so if you want a roll edge stockinette tank top, go ahead and do it.

Since we want this to be done and wearable in June, I am suggesting cotton yarn, or a cotton blend. You don’t want to be sweltering your butt off when you are wearing it! Knitpicks has lots of cotton, in cute colors and textures, but you could also use cottontots, brown sheep cotton fleece, or whatever.

The KAL will “officially” begin next week, but I thought that some people might want to get a head start. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Find yarn you like, and buy enough* for your tank (*see this threadon my suggestion on how to determine what is enough. when in doubt, buy extra.)
  2. Take your measurements–bust, hips, waist, and hips to armpit area. You can also measure a few of your own tank tops/shirts that fit you well. Write these numbers down somewhere.
  3. Scope out some free patterns online (at Knitty, or knitting pattern central, or books at the library, etc) and take notice of some designs you like.
  4. Look at some stitchionaries, or online for some stitch patterns that you like (think simple: 37-stitch repeating pattern might not be your best choice), and practice a few.

More directions on gauge and other stuff will follow NEXT week. The first 2 weeks of the KAL (April 2-15) will be one “task” that incluces the above stuff, as well as other essentials.

Our goal is to be finished by June 24th (that’s 12 weeks) but it WON’T take you that long I promise.

Take a leap of faith! If you are a beginning knitter who is comfortable with knit, purl, increasing and decreasing, and knitting in the round, you can do this KAL. If you’re Ingrid, you can do this KAL too! :wink:
You can make it as easy or challenging as you need. We will help you be successful! Really!

The only things I will not do for you:

  1. The math–I will show you HOW to do the math, but you need to actually do the operations. Buy a calculator.
  2. Knit your tank.

And, as I stated in the first sweater KAL… Join us! We are cool! *

[size=2]*don’t leave me alone. I’m still scared[/size]

ooooops, sorry I didn’t mean to lock the topic :oops:

post on!

I’m scared, too. But we’ll survive! I’m still about 3/4 finished with that halter top I’m “designing.” I was hoping to have it finished before this KAL started, but I guess I missed. :oo:

Oh come on Hilde, you won’t do the math for us?? Oh pooh!

I think I will try this KAL. And, yes, I am scared too. I already have some yarn that I can use, but now, to pick the pattern will be a little more difficult… :shock:

but you’re not picking a pettern! There is no pattern! You are making it up :slight_smile:

see! So the hard part is done! No pattern picking!

If this is using math, does that mean I can use this bulky ribbon yarn and still make it work, in your expert opinion? Because if you say no, I’m totally open to ordering more yarn. :roflhard:

I think it will work just fine - that’s what I’m planing on using for mine too!

yep do it!!! ribbon would be very cool!

Why is it that I’m tempted to join EVERY KAL I read about in here???
This is some kind of sickness! Right up there with buying more yarn and needles than I could possibly use in a year! These aren’t complaints mind you, but I’ve heard the road to recovery begins with admission :wink:

I read an article once that says when you get to the stage of “using the math” and understanding the basic construction you’ve essentially graduated to some next level of knitting.

Though I won’t commit to the deadline (terrified of another UFO), I’d love to be in on this. Thanks Hilde!! :lol:

I am in on this one. I even have the yarn already so I have no excuse not to join, other than the fact that I get hives whenever I have to do math. :shock: I am allergic I swear.


This looks like fun! If anything, it’s a good excuse to buy some more yarn! :lol:

Off to research tank tops.

Okay, I can’t pick a pattern? I actually have to design it??? That is taking a lot of faith in a scared knitter like me. :shock: I have found some that I like. Now I just need to figure out how to design something. I will be looking to you to follow some directions. :wink:

:cheering: I can’t wait to get started…but… :shifty: Math? eeek…

Yay, I have some yarn I just got, but I’m not sure I have enough. We’ll see!

Come on, guys! Math isn’t THAT scary! If she gives us a formula, it’s just plugging numbers into a calculator. YOU CAN DO IT!

I can do that. As long as it’s not like a word problem. :shock: :roflhard:

I promise, if she gives us a word problem, I’ll MAKE a formula! :rofling:

:cheering: :cheering: :roflhard:

Don’t worry, it will be plugging in numbers. Easy Peasy

:cheering: I’m in!!! This is just what I was looking for! I am dying to try out bamboo yarn and… here’s my opportunity! Having “felt up” various brands, Plymouth makes a yummy bamboo yarn!

:thinking: Are you guys sure about doing the math ahead of time? Can’t we just kinda… wing it? Maybe I can bribe Cate into doing my math. “Let Cate do it, she’ll do any math! Hey, she likes it!” :wink: