YO's look different?

I was working on a pair of socks (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/hypermice/anastasia-socks) and I put them down for about a month. When I picked them up again last night and started working on them, the YO’s look much different O.o Anyone have any idea what I did?

The top 2 YO’s (recent) are just bars (green and purple). Below that (old stuff) the bars are twisted together (blue and green, etc), which is neat looking, but no idea what I did differently.

The pattern is
Row 1: K10, K2T, YO, K2T, YO, repeat
Row 2: K9, K2T, YO, K2T, YO, repeat
Row 3: K8, K2T, YO, KT, YO, repeat,

I think that when you picked up the knitting again, you picked up on the wrong row. You should be knitting the k2tog from the previous row together with a knit st and the yo will then be over a knit st from the previous row. Tink back to where you picked up, count the number of sts before the k2t and make sure that you knit the st [I]before[/I] the k2t with the k2t from the previous row. That should get you back into the correct row.