Yo's in charted pattern

I am trying to make a sweater with a cabled front design, which is only charted, not written out. How do I know when to do the yo’s? It seems, by trying to interpret other charts, that sometimes you do the yo first and then the stitch in that square and sometimes you execute the stitch first! Can someone help me interpret this? I have some wonderful, salvaged mohair yarn that really wants to be a sweater! Thanks!

As far as I have seen, if a yarn over is in a chart it is in a square of its own. It’s usually with the symbol ‘o’. Could you give an example of what a line in your chart looks like that you’re confused about, it might be easier to help if we could see a bit of it.

I agree with knitqueen. The yarn over is the O in the chart, and the stitch before or after it is in the square on either side.

Thanks, knitqueen and ingrid! Your responses on Yo’s turned the light bulb on for me ! it is really easy to follow if you just do what is in the box and don’t try to over-read and over-interpret! I was doing both! Sweater is looking great and, as usual, i am so glad to be part of theis grat Knitting Family!!!