YO's and Eyelets?

In my baby shawl (not yet started), the increases are on the end of each row and by YO.

To finish up, the pattern says in insert ribbon into the Eyelets created by the YO. Does this make sense? The picture looks like every CM the ribbon is fed under one strand of yarn and pops straight back up again.

Never worked YO’s before - does it create an eyelet?

Yes, it does! An eyelet is just a little hole, you’ll see. Just large enough to thread some ribbon through.


Thank you :hug:

How does it come back up if there is only one hole? Would it be on the hole two rows later?

Yep! You got it!


Yep, every time you YO there will be an eyelet so it’s very easy to thread a ribbon through. :wink: