Yon k2tog (yfwd, k2tog) to end - what?

im so confused by what this pattern is telling me…see this thread i posted on rav this morning…got a reply but…still dont get it…help


I’m not sure if your confusion involves the yfwd. You might findYarn Over 101 useful.

it does - involve the yfwd not the video lol

Maybe if we could see a few lines of the pattern it would help. I’m wondering, do you know this for knitting holes? That’s an eyelet pattern. You probably already know that.

I think of that video as, everything I never knew I wanted to know about yarnovers in British and American knitting and might not have asked if I did.

It’s better to repost a question here than to make everyone go some where else to read it. Or just come here in the first place. :wink:

There are multiple names for the same thing (YO, YFWD, YF…) and most mean YO depending on what the next stitch is. We have a glossary at the top of the page. Here’s one from KP that has it in a little more detail.

It sounds to me like you bring the yarn forward to start then k2tog, and then YO, K2tog to the end of the row or round. I don’t know why it’s written that way. It may be a British pattern or an old one.