YON increase row but dropping stitches?

Hi Everyone,
I am a beginner looking to progress to intermediate. I’m working on baby cardigan pattern #11 from a vintage copy of Cleckheaton Nursery Book 1.

I am having difficulty with row 3 of the following pattern. I seem to end up dropping two stitches by the end of this row and am then out of sync for row 4 onwards.

This sequence in particular
“Yon, sl1, k1, psso, yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso”

Should I have 35 stitches by the end of this row?

Extract of pattern and picture attached.

I’d be grateful for any help as to what I’m doing wrong.

Welcome to the forum and to knitting!
A baby sweater is a wonderful project to increase skills and this is a darling example.
In row 3 there are 4 decreases of one stitch each (the sl 1, k1 or k2, psso). There are only 2 increases (the yarn overs which are called yon or yrn) so the stitch count for the smallest size drops to 33sts. In row 4 there are 2 increases with no decreases so the stitch count goes back up to 35sts.

For this section “Yon, sl1, k1, psso, yfwd, sl 1, k1, psso” the 2 yarn over increases balance out the 2 sl1,k1,psso decreases. It’s the sl1,k2, psso on either side which don’t have accompanying increases.

I had a similar stitch count thing with my first lace. My pattern said not to count stitches on certain rows (as, like yours they wouldn’t add up the same as the other rows). I found it helpful to write in my pattern what the stitch count should be at the end if that row so that I could keep checking, so maybe write in a 33 on rows 3 and 7 to remind you each time.