Yoke sweater Bohus style

I knitted this years ago, but I just want to show it off a little. I spun the yarn and designed the sweater inspired by the Bohus sweaters, but I took EZ’s advice about keeping the yoke design smaller. The brown yarn is a natural wool color.

That is lovely!

that looks great! i would show it off too!

Beautiful work and I love the colors.

You spun allllll that yarn :shock: ? Great job!!!

It’s a lovely sweater - and literally all your own work! I guess it’s good to be able to share it with people who will really appreciate all the work that’s gone into it! It’s really great:cheering:

Wow, that’s amazing! It’s a beautiful sweater – I’m so impressed with your skill.

Beautiful work :slight_smile:

That is truly gorgeous-you must be so proud, designing it, spinning the yarn and knitting it!! Fantastic! :yay:

That is just beautiful. You should be very proud.


Thank you all for your kind comments.

Just to think you started that from scratch … how very satisfying for you x

That’s one lovely sweater!

Spectacular, wow!

That is gorgeous. I love the scalloped effect of the yoke.

That is lovely. Do you have your own sheep, also?

:passedout: I love that!!! Very pretty

“That is lovely. Do you have your own sheep, also?”

No, but I did prepare my own fleeces that I had bought.

I’d like to add that one thing I learned from this sweater is that next time I make a yoke sweater I will be sure to do short rows for about 1.5 inches in the back (I didn’t on this one). The sweater looks fine, the back isn’t shorter than the front, but although it is pretty comfortable, it would be more comfortable if the front of the neck was lower and the way to do that is with the short rows in the back.